Wildfire Energy Awarded Grant to build Australia’s First Waste to Hydrogen Plant

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fuelcellsworks, Wildfire Energy Awarded Grant to build Australia’s First Waste to Hydrogen Plant

Wildfire Energy is pleased to announce it has been awarded $200,000 in Round 7 of the Ignite Ideas Fund from the Queensland State Government’s Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport.

The Ignite Ideas Fund supports Queensland based start-ups and small to medium Queensland businesses to commercialise innovative products, processes and services to enable them to grow and compete in a global market and create new jobs.

Wildfire is receiving the funding for its proposal to commercialise Australia’s first waste to hydrogen process. Wildfire will use the funding to market its proprietary MIHG (moving injection horizontal gasification) technology focused on the production of hydrogen for domestic use. Key activities will include upgrading the existing MIHG pilot plant to separate and purify hydrogen and to demonstrate the use of the purified hydrogen to power a fuel cell vehicle.

The grant will support Wildfire’s mission to develop small-scale distributed waste to energy and waste to hydrogen projects using its MIHG technology. By diverting waste from landfills, the MIHG technology can be used to produce renewable electricity and hydrogen and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from waste management. Currently, in Australia 74 mtpa of waste is generated and 27 mtpa is sent to landfill[1]. In 2018 greenhouse gas emissions from solid waste management activities across Australia reached over 9 mtpa CO2eq[2] with the majority being produced from landfills.

“Wildfire is excited to have been awarded funding for this project and looks forward to working with the Queensland state government to deliver Australia’s first waste to hydrogen process. This grant funding recognises the potential of our MIHG technology to produce low cost hydrogen and to address the pressing issues of waste management and carbon emissions.” said Greg Perkins, Co-founder and CEO of Wildfire Energy.

The infographic below shows an impression of the commercial version of the MIHG waste to hydrogen technology.

Wildfire Energy awarded grant to build Australias first waste to hydrogen plant 1

A video of Wildfire Energy’s MIHG waste to hydrogen solution is shown below:

“Applying the MIHG waste to hydrogen solution will divert waste from landfill, reduce GHG emissions and support the introduction of low cost hydrogen into the economy. Importantly, Wildfire’s MIHG solution can be located close to sources of hydrogen demand, reducing storage and transport costs which currently hamper the widespread adoption of hydrogen as a zero-emissions energy carrier. And by diverting waste from landfill our solution has a carbon negative footprint, being “greener” than green hydrogen.”, said Denis Doucet, Co-founder and CTO of Wildfire Energy.

[1] Data from “National Waste Report 2020”, Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, Commonwealth of Australia. Prepared by Blue Environment Pty Ltd. National Waste Report 2020 ( [2] Data from Australian Greenhouse Emissions Information System. State Greenhouse Gas Inventory (

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