Wind Denmark and the Hydrogen Denmark Enter Into Cooperation

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Wind Denmark
The organizations Wind Denmark and Hydrogen Denmark have entered into a strategic collaboration aimed at contributing to the spread of Power-to-X (PtX) in Denmark and breaking down regulatory barriers.

The two organizations have named the collaboration PtX Alliance.

PtX is a crucial technological initiative in realizing Denmark’s ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70 per cent. in 2030. Therefore, in the coming years, Denmark will have to develop a whole new set of rules and frameworks that allow green power from wind turbines and solar cells to be used to produce hydrogen and other electricity-based fuels (electrofuels). through electrolysis.

Jan Hylleberg, CEO of Wind Denmark said, “The establishment of the PtX Alliance must be seen in the light of the fact that we have only scraped the surface in relation to the potential for using electricity to produce green fuels. If we in Denmark are to become leaders in this field, and help the green transition here at home and create a new export adventure, then we must have rethinked our legislation, which will be the main purpose of the PtX Alliance.”

Wind Denmark and the Hydrogen industry together represent the entire value chain behind PtX production in Denmark. Wind Denmark represents “Power” while the Hydrogen industry represents “to-X”, including manufacturers and customers. The cooperation is to ensure that large-scale production of, among other things, comes in Denmark. hydrogen, as well as secure opportunities for a new export adventure of both green fuels and technology for production.

Tejs Laustsen Jensen, director of the Hydrogen Denmark said, “We expect that the demand for hydrogen and other electricity-based fuels (electrofuels) will explode in the coming years and up to 2030, and so it is now that we have to move in Denmark to seize the opportunities to become a leader. We have unique opportunities in Denmark to produce very green power, power, and many companies in Denmark that are already launching projects that can transform the power into X.”

The first activity in the PtX Alliance will be a joint launch for members of both associations on May 5. Here, the PtX Alliance is officially launched and a status is given for the challenges that are related to the spread of PtX in Denmark here and now.

 Focus areas for the PtX Alliance
  • Ensure a coordinated effort and dialogue in relation to the Danish and European authorities’ work on regulatory challenges.
  • Create a long-term strategic direction for the interconnection of wind turbine current and electrolysis.
  • Ensure a coordinated effort in relation to the necessary innovation and testing of PtX, especially hydrogen, methanol and ammonia production in Denmark.
  • Ensure that necessary initiatives are established to secure an export of Danish PtX solutions.
  • Cooperation with the EU’s strategic hydrogen value chain.

Adm. Director Jan Hylleberg, 4033 4445
Director Tejs Laustsen Jensen, 2623 9443



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