World’s Largest Fleet of Hydrogen-Powered Bin Lorries to Arrive in Glasgow

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fuelcellsworks, World's Largest Fleet of Hydrogen-Powered Bin Lorries to Arrive in Glasgow

Councilors in Glasgow recently approved a £10.5 million funding plan to purchase 19 hydrogen refuse delivery vehicles.

A £10.5 million funding package agreed by City Councilors is expected to result in Glasgow having the largest fleet of hydrogen-powered transport bin lorries in the world.

It is planned for the council to spend £7 million from its climate emergency fund to buy 19 hydrogen refuse collection vehicles.

Funding from Smart Cities Scotland will be used to support smart technologies used for fleet management as well as fuel and waste systems.

Executive director George Gillespie said the council’s fleet must be decarbonised to be carbon neutral by 2030.“We achieved tremendous gains with the deployment of our zero-emissions fleet strategy,”

“Glasgow is now very much at the forefront of changes that aim to remove carbon from our transport system.

“We can see the market responding to the lead the council is taking and it was always our aim to use the council’s size and status to build confidence that wider change is possible.”

He continued: “Committing to using hydrogen for our heavier vehicles was always a big breakthrough in our approach to decarbonising our fleet.


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