Wystrach Storage Solutions for ZEHTC project: Plug & Play Hydrogen Storage for Research Plant in Sweden

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Wystrach Storage Solutions for ZEHTC project

Weeze, Germany / Östergötland, Sweden–The Zero Emission Hydrogen Turbine Center (ZEHTC) project in the Swedish region of Östergötland aims to demonstrate how a pioneering emissions-free and stable energy system can function.

The system comprises a photovoltaic system, an electrolyzer, a membrane compressor, a hydrogen storage unit, a fuel cell, pipes, and control units, and the assembly as a whole is connected to a gas turbine test facility.

It is relatively easy to retool gas turbines to handle renewable fuels instead of natural gas. In addition, they can quickly supply balancing power whenever wind, water, or solar power generation dips. The ZEHTC plant will be used to research the control and optimization of this kind of complex energy system.

Robust system for the Scandinavian climate

Euromekanik, a Swedish specialist in gas, energy, and petrochemicals, was involved in developing the system. Specifically, the Euromekanik team designed the gas management setup and its safety features. The project opted for a Wystrach hydrogen storage system. “The high-pressure specialists in Weeze are developing and building a tailor-made plug & play solution,” says Euromekanik Managing Director Peter Rydebrink. “Their entire system will be housed in two 40-foot ISO containers, so all that has to be done at the operating site is to prepare the strip foundations. This will make installation at the project site quick and easy.” The two containers can store around 360 kg of hydrogen.

“In addition to simple handling on-site, we felt it was important for us to offer a solution that is robust enough to work reliably in the Scandinavian climate,” says Wystrach CEO Wolfgang Wolter. The ZEHTC plant is scheduled for completion in the first half of 2021. The project is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency and the ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems program.

About Wystrach

Wystrach is a full-service provider of high-pressure storage and transportation solutions for hydrogen and other gases. Our portfolio includes stationary bundles; containers of all sizes; tank systems for trains, buses, and trucks; and storage solutions, e.g. for power-to-gas applications. In addition to in-house design and production capabilities, Wystrach offers end-to-end service packages for assembly, commissioning, and maintenance, and also provides support on approval matters. With over 30 years’ experience in the field of high-pressure storage solutions, the company has built up its expertise with a special focus on quality and safety. Wystrach is a family-owned company based in the Lower Rhine region  of Germany and employs around 200 people.

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