XENDEE and Austria’s BEST Forge International Partnership to Develop Reliable Modeling of Green Hydrogen and Sustainable Heating to Reach Paris Climate Agreement Goals

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XENDEE and Austrias BEST Forge International Partnership to Develop Reliable Modeling of Green Hydrogen

SAN DIEGO–XENDEE Corporation and Austria’s BEST Bioenergy (BEST – Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies GmbH), a world leading R&D and competence center for biomass to energy and biomass to goods conversion technologies, have launched a global partnership.

XENDEE and BEST aim to accelerate the adoption of sustainable hydrogen and solar thermal heat supply technologies for Microgrid systems to help reach Paris Climate Agreement goals while also capturing optimal financial returns.

This international partnership, which also involves a coalition of scientific and corporate partners, will build on XENDEE’s patented Microgrid planning platform with a new foundation of novel generative design algorithms to automate the modeling of next-generation Microgrids and green hydrogen supply chains. These Microgrids will be capable of delivering the optimal combination of financial returns, performance, and sustainability via hydrogen and distributed heating technologies as part of the solution.

“We are proud of our continued partnership with BEST to offer investors a reliable, first-of-a-kind techno-economic decision support solution for next-generation Microgrids,” said Adib Naslé, Founder and CEO of XENDEE. “The world needs financially attractive energy solutions that are resilient, secure, and sustainable as we adapt to the new realities of climate change. We are privileged to be able to tackle these challenges with BEST. Green hydrogen, its supply-chain model, and sustainable heating could provide the Bankability uplift needed in a Microgrid’s financial performance and efficiency capabilities.”

The partnership also seeks to test and validate these novel algorithms and methodologies through BEST’s experience with Microgrid controller algorithms, financial forecasting, and advanced validation at their Microgrid test laboratory in Austria.

“Through our state-of-the-art Microgrid testing laboratory, BEST can validate the algorithms designed with our partners as well as lay the groundwork for efficient control technologies that capitalize on our analysis and deliver the best dynamic energy prices under simulated conditions or real life implementations,” said Walter Haslinger, CEO of BEST.

The long term strategy of this partnership is to create a holistic design and implementation solution for cost effective green hydrogen and sustainable heating, as well as the development of ancillary products such as advanced sensors to aid utilities, control technologies to manage the Microgrid, and the integration of blockchain tokens to facilitate dynamic billing and utility sales.

About XENDEE: XENDEE develops world-class Microgrid decision support software that helps designers and investors optimize and certify the resilience and financial performance of projects with confidence. The XENDEE Microgrid platform enables a broad audience, from business decision makers to scientists, with the objective of supporting investments in Microgrids and maintaining electric power reliability when integrating sources of renewable generation.

About BEST: BEST – Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies GmbH is a K1 Competence Centre in the Austrian COMET programme and closes the gap between academic research and industrial technology development by undertaking industry-driven applied research and development in the fields of bioenergy, the sustainable bio-based economy, and future-proof energy systems.


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