YC Synergy Launches New Fuel Cell System Solution for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric

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YC Synergy (YCS) announces a new fuel cell power system solution, Rick-II series.

The new solution greatly upgrades the fuel cell performance for better automobile applications. The Rick-II series provide a power range from 45KW to 60KW, IP-67 protection, and better power dynamic performance. With over 20% power density improvement from the previous version, Rick-II is even more compact and easy for installation on heavy-duty vehicles including buses, trucks, multi-purpose vehicles and maritime applications.

The Brand-new Rick-II series comply with the GB and SAE standards for better safety and reliability. And with better durability, it provides up to 400,000 kilometers drive-range performance warranty. Rick-II is also capable of full-range flow adjustment which allows full power range utilization, from 20% to 100%, creating optimal fuel efficiency in different power output and different driving scenarios. At the same time, it also largely reduces the supporting battery needed on a fuel cell vehicle. The Rick-II series can also go with YC Synergy’s self-developed supporting system for operation temperature control, power hybrid, safety assurance device, full-function control system, and communication systems. The complete turn-key-solution assures easy product adoption and installation for various vehicles. The vehicle makers or OEM can simply install Rick-II fuel cell system by connecting cables and fuel tube, while the other supporting subsystems are all well-positioned on the total-solution system YCS provide.

YC Synergy (YCS) provides not only fuel cell system products but also complete fuel cell solutions for vehicle, stationary, maritime and also special-purpose applications. YCS provides full support from the feasibility evaluation phase, installation phase, and after service phase for assuring the best customer support. YCS will exhibit the most updated fuel cell system and solution at the FC Expo 2020 in Tokyo, World Energy Week from Feb 26 – 28, Feb. About YC Synergy, please visit website for more information.

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