ZHFCA, China Z-Park Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Industry Alliance Is Established

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Fuel cells works, ZHFCA, China Z-Park Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Industry Alliance Is Established

Beijing — The Inaugurating Meeting of China Z-park Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry Alliance (ZHFCA) was hold successfully in Beijing, with more than 150 attendees from associated ministries, relevant departments of Beijing, industry organizations and institutions, committee of experts &members of ZHFCA participated.

ZHFCA, China Z-park Hydrogen &Fuel Cell Industry Alliance is a legally established and non-profitable social organization, entrusted and guided by Zhongguancun Science Park, Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. ZHFCA is initiated by Sinohytec, Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology, SPIC Academy of Science, GRIMAT ENGINEERING INSTITUTE CO, LTD, National Institute of Clean and Low-Carbon Energy, Beiqi Foton etc more than 60 leading hydrogen and fuel cell companies, universities, and scientific research institutions in Beijing and national wide. President of Sinohytec, Mr. Zhang Guoqiang was elected as the first session Chairman of board of directors.

The alliance invited distinguished academicians, well-known professors, leaders of companies as alliance committee experts. Thereinto, Chairman of the experts’ committees, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Ouyang Minggao, gave a report with the theme of “A New Energy Revolution Facing Carbon Neutralizing-Electrified, Low-Carbonized & Intelligentize” via video, Chairman of the experts’ committees, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Yi Baolian, sent a greeting video to the alliance inaugurating meeting.

The meeting was hosted by the vice-president of Beijing Institute of Technology, Professor Wang Bo.

Division Chief of Certification and Supervision of State Administration for Market Regulation, Mr. Hao Xin, Deputy Division Chief of Technical Standards Management Division of State Administration ,Mr. Xiang Fanghuai, put forward the requests of the follow-up developments of the alliance, based on the deployment of hydrogen industry scientific and technological projects, industrialization demonstration and promotion, management of certification accreditation and supervision, standardization work and other aspects of the deployment.

Some of the relevant department leaders from Beijing has participated the meeting to congratulate the establishment of the alliance. Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, deputy director, Mr. Jiang Guangzhi noted that, Beijing pays highly attention to the development of hydrogen and fuel cell industry, Beijing will continually to carry forward Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region cooperation, industry-university-research cooperation, central enterprises and local governments cooperation, international cooperation etc;

Executive Deputy Director of Daxing District, Mr. Gao Niandong mentioned that, Daxing District took the lead and participated “ Fuel Cell Vehicles Demonstration Clusters of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region” declaration works, introduced the supporting work on policies, funds, matching facilities of Daxing District, proposed to strengthen the cooperation with the Alliance in the future to build a demonstration benchmark area for high-end equipment manufacturing and application of hydrogen industry.

Zhongguancun Science Park Researcher, Mr. Chen Xing, presented the advantages and foundations of Zhongguancun in the development of hydrogen and fuel cell industry, Zhongguancun Science Park will reply on the alliance strength and development to continue the forge of industrial innovation high lands, promote the sustainable development of the industry.

Meanwhile, UNDP Energy and Environment Project Director, Mr. Zhang Weidong introduced UNDP hydrogen projects deployments in China; Director of Materials Industry Division, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Mr. Li Yechuan gave a detailed introduction of Beijing Hydrogen Industry Development Implementation Plan (2021-2025) announced on 7th April, Deputy Director General of Daxing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Mr. Liu Qinghua introduced Daxing International Hydrogen Demonstration Area planning and construction situations etc.

The alliance executive director general, Professor of Tsinghua University, Ms. Han Minfang introduced the alliance 14th Five Year Plan, proposed that based on the industrial research and service, the alliance will fully play the industrial organizations advantages and functions, service as a bridge of between government and industry. The alliance has signed strategic cooperation agreement with 5 relevant standard committees and other organizations.

The alliance will keep a foothold in Beijing, radiate the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. The establishment of alliance, build another hydrogen and fuel cell industry cooperation innovation platform, boost to form a good mechanism of government build platforms, companies and institutions extensive participation with highly efficiency.  The alliance will keep contributing to the development of hydrogen and fuel cell industries in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

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