Zurich Airport is Climate Friendly Thanks to its Hybrid and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Taxis

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Airport Taxi Zurich

Hydrogen instead of petrol, climate-neutral journeys, and an app that halves the prices: How a traditional company with a pioneering spirit redefined the airport taxi.

Since January, the 110 brand new taxis have been providing service to Zurich Airport travelers. They are uniformly white, run on hybrid (hydrogen) power, have halved the price and now also carry passengers to and from the airport. But how did the pioneering spirit of this traditional company redefine taxis at the airport?

Airport Taxi Zurich is thus a pioneer in Switzerland and focuses on climate-friendly operation. At present some of its fleet consists of state-of-the-art hydrogen technology, which emits water vapor while driving and filters fine dust in the ambient air (see box). The long-term goal is to replace the entire fleet with hydrogen vehicles.

Its fleet consists of 80 hybrid vehicles, 20 diesel cars and 10 taxis with the latest hydrogen technology, which emits water vapor while driving and filter fine dust from the ambient air.

APTX 2020 Hyundai PersAirport Taxi Zurich has invested a lot in customer experience. A new app allows drivers to carry passengers to their car parks. The booking process has also become simpler: taxi rides can now be ordered as a lump sum via the website and app, and the neat uniform of drivers and passengers becomes clear.

Despite all these innovations, Airport Taxi Zurich is no newcomer to the industry. A Swiss company with a long history of innovation.

ASA Taxi AG has been operating airport taxis for almost 40 years. This spirit of innovation is the result of many years of experience in the industry, “says Rudolf Schulte, CEO of ASA Taxi Zurich.


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