ZYNP and GKN Hydrogen Forge Partnership to Advance Solid-State Hydrogen Storage in China

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ZYNP, renowned as the world’s largest manufacturer of cylinder liners, has announced a strategic partnership with GKN Hydrogen to promote the German company’s solid-state hydrogen storage technology across China. This collaboration was formalized through an agreement that positions ZYNP as the exclusive partner for GKN Hydrogen in the Chinese market.

This alliance is set to enhance ZYNP’s portfolio within the hydrogen energy supply chain and assist in the company’s transition towards hydrogen energy solutions. The Zhengzhou-based firm did not disclose the financial specifics of the deal but emphasized the synergy between ZYNP’s strategic customer resources and GKN Hydrogen’s technological prowess.

Solid-state hydrogen storage utilizes certain solid materials for hydrogen storage based on their physical and chemical adsorption capacities. This technology allows for high-density hydrogen storage and offers enhanced safety compared to other storage methods. It finds applications in areas such as peaking power plants, emergency backup power, and hydrogen transport.

GKN Hydrogen, established in 2021 and a part of the UK’s Dowlais Group—a specialist engineering firm in the auto sector—has developed its solid-state metal hydrogen storage system into a market-leading solution noted for its efficiency, reliability, and safety. The system is applicable in multiple scenarios, reinforcing its utility in the green energy sector.

Guido Degen, CEO of GKN Hydrogen, highlighted China’s leadership in green hydrogen production and usage, stating, “China is already a leader in the production and use of green hydrogen. [The company] has already realized 26 projects worldwide and is consistently focusing on its presence in growth markets and the development of new storage applications. In our view, the partnership with ZYNP provides ideal conditions to achieve our goals both commercially and technologically.”

Delong Xue, Chairman of ZYNP, also expressed optimism about the partnership, noting, “The whole area of mobility infrastructure is very attractive and of great importance. GKN Hydrogen not only supplies the safest storage technology but is also the most advanced in the industrialization of its products.”


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