Total Continues to Grow its Hydrogen Station Network

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Total Continues to Grow its Hydrogen Network
  • 20 Hydrogen Stations in Germany 
  • 7 more planned for 2019

The expansion and modernization of the filling station network were again in focus for TOTAL Deutschland GmbH in 2018.

In the course of the year, the company was able to integrate 29 refueling stations into its approximately 1,200 stations.

The attractiveness of the existing locations was further increased. Around 500 stations have now been converted to the new and energy-efficient filling station design. In 2019, the growth course should continue at a similar pace.

TOTAL continues to focus on growth in alternative fuels as well. The company was the first federal subsidy for 150-kilowatt fast charging stations, which it invested in 2019 in the construction of a dozen of these electric charging stations.

In the field of hydrogen mobility, TOTAL holds a leading position in Germany with a total of 20 H2 stations. Seven more are already under construction and planning as part of the H2 Mobility joint venture and are scheduled to open in 2019.

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