Anglo American Sets One Year Goal for Hydrogen Trucks

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Anglo American Hydrogen Truck Plans

In its Presentation of 2018 Sustainability Performance and goals for 2019, Anglo American laid out its plans for addressing the low-carbon economy as it pertains to Anglo and its “FutureSmart Mining“.

Tony O’Neill Technical Director, Anglo American announced that the company was working on an innovative solution to power its haul trucks by hydrogen using solar panels.

O’Neill said it was the companies plan to create a “smart energy mix that allows us to become carbon neutral”. he continued, “I think we can see a pathway through that. Our aim is to get, hopefully, in the next 12 months, a truck running around using hydrogen”

He also pointed out that, “I think the industry, the world is missing a trick with hydrogen. Everyone is focused on cars – transportation, a mobility issue. Why people are not focusing on the generation of base-led power is beyond me because that is where the game really is made, in my view.


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