Metacon’s Subsidiary Helbio Signs Agreement with EDA for Small CHP Fuel Cell System

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Helbio will be delivering and installing at EDA premise a 2.5 kW CHP system based on reformate hydrogen production via steam reforming of Natural Gas and Low Temperature PEM fuel cell for outdoor operation. The principal specifications of the system are the rated electric power production capacity of 2.5 kW and the rated thermal power production capacity of 3 Kw. The order value is EUR 35,000.

“I’m very pleased with this order from EDA, who is a major natural gas distributor in Greece. It underpins the potential of our small CHP system H2PS-5 for electricity generation,” said Prof. Xenophon Verykios CEO of Helbio S.A.

EDA, the Natural Gas Distribution Company S.A., acts as from the January 2 2017, as administrator of the Distribution Network of Natural Gas in Attica. The main activity of EDA, is to operate, maintain and develop the distribution network in Attica as well as to ensure the safe and efficient connection of the inhabitants. Through its work, the company aims at the uninterrupted and smooth supply of Attica consumers, the safe and reliable operation of natural gas infrastructure, the provision of modern and efficient solutions to its customers and the wider promotion and development of the gas market with sustainable development conditions.

Small CHP Systems H2PS-5

Metacons small CHP systems enable local power and heat production from biogas, natural gas and ethanol, for independent use or for connection to the commercial grid. They are designed for continuous operation, long service intervals and minimum environmental impact.

Within the EU’s Horizon 2020 program, Metacon’s subsidiary Helbio commercializes a 5 kW cogeneration system with a multi-fuel reformer that can be powered by biogas, natural gas or gasoline. The system, called H2PS-5, produces 5 kW of electricity and about 7 kW of thermal power. This means that the annual energy production is 42 500 kWh electricity and 60 000 kWh heat in the form of hot water 70 – 80 ° C.

H2PS-5 is intended for smaller buildings and companies, as well as for villages and temporary facilities such as field hospitals, refugee camps etc. in powerless areas. Production is reliable and the overall energy and cost efficiency exceeds the equivalent performance of internal combustion engines, gas turbines, wind turbines and solar cells.
The system consists of reformer and fuel cell with control computer and operator panel, as well as voltage converters and heat exchangers for connection to the property’s electricity and heating system.

About Metacon AB (publ)
Metacon AB (publ) is an international energy technology company. It offers patented technology for cost efficient and environmentally friendly production of hydrogen, through a catalyst process, for the transportation, industrial, commercial- and residential real estate sector.


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