Asahi Kasei’s Electrolysis System Starts World’s Largest-Scale Hydrogen Supply Operation at the Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field in Namie

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Asahi Kasei and its subsidiary Asahi Kasei Engineering Corp. started operation of hydrogen supply at the alkaline water electrolysis system having the world-leading scale of 10 MW[1] in Namie, Futaba, Fukushima, Japan.

Asahi Kasei Engineering received the order for the alkaline water electrolysis system from Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corp. in 2017.

The system was installed at the Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field (FH2R), which opened on March 7, 2020, as a technological development project[2] of NEDO (Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization).

Able to produce hydrogen at the rate of 1,200 Nm3 per hour[3] (rated power operation), it is the world’s largest-scale system comprising a single stack.

After its installation in November 2019, several trial operations of the system were performed to confirm that the product hydrogen met the required quality standards, with hydrogen supply operation beginning in March.

While hydrogen supply operation continues, the system’s performance in response to fluctuating power input will be evaluated, and its full-fledged operation at the core of FH2R is scheduled to begin this summer.

Through practical application of its Aqualyzer™ alkaline water electrolysis system[4] based on original technology, Asahi Kasei will provide solutions to society for clean environmental energy in accordance with its mission of contributing to life and living for people around the world.

  1. [1] Power consumption at maximum hydrogen output of 2,000 Nm3/hour
  2. [2]
  3. [3] Nm3 (normal cubic meter) indicates the volume of a dry gas at 0 °C and 1 atm
  4. [4] The name “Aqualyzer” combines the words “aqua” and “electrolyzer”

Source: Asahi Kasei

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