AurigaGen Fuel Cell Forklift Power Unit Completes First Trial

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Auriga Energy Fuel Cell Forklift

Auriga Energy, supported by Bristol Forklifts, recently completed the testing of the AurigaGen FL prototype fuel cell power unit on a pallet truck. The hydrogen fuelled power unit is designed to replace the battery and provide a full shift of constant power between refuels.Delivering high productivity is the raison d’etre of the materials handling industry.

Fuel cell powered forklift fleets deliver a compelling economic business case, largely driven by productivity gains. Increased productivity comes through:

  1. Range extension enabling multi-shift operation with quick refuelling, without the need for battery recharging or spare batteries
  2. Constant power across the duty cycle, enabling drivers to move more goods in a given period of time, i.e. more lifts and less downtime

The AurigaGen FL system applies the Auriga Energy’s fuel cell technology in the challenging European and Asian sized class III pallet loader/order picker forklifts, cleanly delivering up to 2kW at 24V. This will enable a full shift of typical loading operations, between refuels, without voltage droop, experienced by battery systems, enabling increased productivity for the user.

Auriga Energy Fuel Cell Forklift2

Ian Mounce, General Manager of Bristol forklifts, said: “The test of the fuel cell powered pallet truck was totally successful. There is no difference in its usage or its feel, it is very good. We are impressed”

Jas Singh, Managing Director of Auriga Energy, added: “With great support from Bristol Forklifts and we are very pleased with the tests of our prototype AurigaGen FL. The fuel cell performed excellently, executing all operations of lift, start/stop, continuous traverse etc. The clean and quiet AurigaGen FL fuel cell power unit is poised to offer improved productivity and reduced operational costs to users.”


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