BMW Keeping its Hydrogen Fuel Cell Options Open

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BMW’s mobility plans are far from complete and want to keep all of its options open, including hydrogen fuel cell drives.

Instead of pursuing a purely electrical approach, BMW wants to rely on other power platforms/

In a recent interview with the US industry magazine Automotive News BMW Development Board member Klaus Fröhlich expressed his opinion that BMW will not be putting all of its “electric” eggs in one basket. Unlike Volkswagen or Tesla, BMW seems reluctant to implement pure electric vehicles.

According to Fröhlich, “flexible architecture” is the best solution for the next five to ten years. “If a purely electrical direction is adopted worldwide, we will develop the right architecture” he continued,  “The best assumption is that electrified vehicles will be responsible for 20 to 30 percent of global sales by 2030, but with a very broad, global distribution.”

Development of fuel cell technology: Close cooperation with Toyota

BMW is one of the car manufacturers who have not written off hydrogen technology – and are cooperating closely with Toyota. As early as 2022, there should be a small series of fuel cell vehicles based on the BMW X5 and “BMW will begin pilot production of the second generation of these models at the beginning of the next decade on the X6 and X7.”


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