Hydrogen & Fuel Cell International Forum Coming to San Diego in February

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Hydrogen Int. Forum in San Diego

In-depth Forum to examine key advances and potential for green hydrogen in the evolving energy ecosystem

It is forecast that the energy demand of up to 6.5 million fuel cell applications such as autonomous vehicles, taxis, shuttles, data centers, and more could be powered by an estimated 5 to 7 million tons of hydrogen per year.

Hydrogen is emerging as an central tool for combating climate change and furthering the penetration of renewables, and the opportunity for companies across a range of market segments is tremendous.

Organized by the Smart Grid Observer, the Hydrogen & Fuel Cell International Forum, February 26-27, 2020 in San Diego will focus on the latest technology advances, business opportunities, and market drivers behind the move toward a hydrogen-centric future. The Forum brings together key stakeholders, thought leaders and innovators for in-depth information sharing and networking on the cutting edge of hydrogen and fuel cell developments.

Confirmed speakers include:

• Dr. Jeff Reed, Chair, California Hydrogen Business Council; and Chief Scientist, Renewable Fuels and Energy Storage, Advanced Power and Energy Program, UC Irvine
• Ken Dragoon, Executive Director, Renewable Hydrogen Alliance (RHA)
• Anna Chittum, Director of Renewable Resources, NW Natural
• Steve Szymanski, Director of Business Projects and Government, Nel Hydrogen
• James M. Corboy, CEO, H2B2 Electrolysis Technologies, Inc.
• John A Gentile, Principal, Cascadia Energy Technologies, LLC
• Chris McWhinney, Founder and CEO, Millennium Reign Energy LLC
• Daisuke Kurosaki, Hydrogen Supply Chain Development Department, Chiyoda Corporation
• Jaimie Levin, Senior Managing Consultant, Director of West Coast Operations, Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE)

Topics to be addressed include:

• Hydrogen from Renewable Electricity: Critical Path to Decarbonization
• The Role of Natural Gas Utilities in Hydrogen Markets
• Power-to-Gas: What is Real, and Why You Should Care
• Seasonal Energy Storage and Power Generation
• Scaling the Renewable Hydrogen Sector in California
• Getting to Hydrogen: Transitioning Toward Hydrogen Fuels for Freight and Transit Systems
• Affordable Scalable Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure
• Advances in Chemical Carriers for Hydrogen
• The Role of Fuel Cell Electric Buses in Meeting Zero-Emission Goals
• And more

Nationally and globally, California is a clear leader in the transition toward a hydrogen economy and is on the cutting edge in the adoption of FCVs and hydrogen fueling infrastructure as a means of improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This will be a unique opportunity to network one-on-one with key technology innovators, regulators, manufacturers and end users who are behind the growth of this dynamic industry.

Who will attend?

• Hydrogen generation, storage, and transport companies
• Fuel cell companies
• Automotive companies and OEMs
• Technology innovators and vendors
• Manufacturers and commercial / industrial end-users
• Investors and financial analysts
• Transportation and energy service providers
• System component providers
• Municipalities, government representatives and regulators
• Renewable energy companies
• Gas and electric utilities
• Researchers and academics

The California Hydrogen Business Council and the Renewable Hydrogen Alliance are both official Association Partners for this Forum. Other Media Partners include PetrolPlaza, Navigant Research, SolarServer, ENF Solar, Energy XPRT, Voices of Leaders, and others.

For full information and to register, visit:

For questions regarding speaking and sponsorship opportunities, contact Daniel Coran
Editor, Smart Grid Observer, [email protected], +1-815-310-3343

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