Burckhardt Compression to Deliver Process Gas Compressors Api618 For Largest H2 Liquefaction Plant in South Korea

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fuel cells works, Burckhardt Compression Delivers H2 Diaphragm Compressor for Green Hydrogen Project to Hungary

Burckhardt Compression has been selected as compressor supplier for a hydrogen liquefaction plant in South Korea. The order includes three Process Gas Compressor API618 systems for the compression of hydrogen within the liquefaction process.

The new installation in South Korea is the largest hydrogen liquefier plant worldwide. It is part of thecountry’s strategy to remain a global leader in the development of hydrogen as clean energy. It will be able to produce up to 90 tons of liquefied hydrogen per day. The liquefaction plant is planned to start production in 2023.

Burckhardt Compression is supplying the hydrogen liquefaction plant with three compressor systems, including auxiliaries, with a shaft power of 6.6 MW per compressor. The compressors will be used in parallel for higher liquefaction capacity and to increase the pressure of the supplied hydrogen from atmospheric pressure up to 58 bar.

Burckhardt Compression offers a comprehensive hydrogen compressor portfolio for a variety of hydrogen applications. The company’s leading piston compressor technology stands for highest hydrogen purity and longest mean time between overhauls. In addition, Burckhardt Compression’s aftermarket service capabilities are supported by an extensive network of service hubs around the world.

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