Cell Impact: 2 Million Fuel Cell Flow Plate Tests Achieve Positive Results

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Cell impact Flow plate Success

The positive end result of high volume test

This company has been on FuelCellsWorks radar since its inception and it continues to make very good progress.

In January 2020, Cell Impact AB (Nasdaq First North GM: CI B), together with Japanese NKC, initiated a volume test of Cell Impact’s production technology Cell Impact Forming.

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The project is now complete and the results are very satisfactory. After the production of just over 2 million flow plates, measured wear on both tools and machine equipment is minimal.

The purpose of the long-term test was to gather experience from the production of a larger series of flow plates and to be able to accurately measure wear on forming tools and the quality of the flow plates throughout the series.

“After over 2 million continuous forming strokes, with the same tool and in the same machine, we can now state that our forming technology, Cell Impact Forming; is very durable and is very well suited for the production of large volumes of flow plates,” says Erika Henriksson, development engineer at Cell Impact. Both the first and last plate are within the very high tolerance requirements we work with to provide our customers with high-quality flow plates.

“It feels very good to have carried out such an extensive test,” adds Pär Teike, CEO of Cell Impact. We have now replied that our technology can handle the really large volumes that we expect to come as the benefits of hydrogen and fuel cells now become increasingly clear.

Cell Impact Forming uses only one tool, mounted in a very compact machine, to form the complex pattern in a flow plate. The process is significantly more cost-effective and less maintenance-intensive than conventional molding.

During the test, over 140 km of rolled stainless steel was used, which is now 100 percent recycled.

About Cell Impact

Cell Impact AB (publ) is a global supplier of advanced flow plates to manufacturers of fuel cells. The company has developed and patented a unique method for high-velocity forming (adiabatic high-velocity forming) that makes it possible to manufacture flow plates with more advanced patterns, which in turn creates more cost- and energy-efficient fuel cells compared to conventional forming methods.

Cell Impact is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market and FNCA Sweden AB is the company’s Certified Adviser (CA). Contact information: 08-528 00 399 or [email protected] .


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