Cell Impact Updates Status of High Volume Production Tests Commissioned by NKC

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Fuel cells works, Nowogen Technology Places MSEK 1.3 Order for Serial Production of Flow Plates with Cell Impact
At the end of January 2020, Cell Impact AB (publ) initiated, in collaboration with Nakanishi  Metal Works Co. Ltd. (NKC), a production test for high volume production running until the second quarter of 2020.

The purpose of the test is to collect quantitative data and experiences from a production of a larger series of flow plates.

Up to the end of March, almost half of the test program was completed with one dedicated molding equipment for testing. The molding tool is specially designed for that facilitate continuous measurements of wear and other physical parameters.

The results have so far been positive in all aspects. Cell Impact says that the machine and tools that needed to be performed have been less than expected. Despite a large number of forming cycles both hydraulics and mechanics have worked flawlessly.

“This feels very good,” says Erika Henriksson, responsible for tool development and the test program at Cell Impact.  “Already at this stage, we can show that our production technology, especially with regard to the low tool wear, is a reliable one and a cost-effective alternative to conventional molding technology.  The long-term test will use a total of 140 kilometers of rolled stainless steel”.

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About Cell Impact AB (publ) is a global supplier of advanced flow plates to the manufacturers of fuel cells. The company has developed and patented a unique method for high-velocity forming (adiabatic high-velocity forming) that makes it possible to manufacture flow plates with more advanced designs, which in turn creates more cost and energy-efficient fuel cells compared to conventional molding methods.

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