CYCLEUROPE and STOR-H Present the Sneaker: The First Hydrogen-Powered Scooter Bike

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Hydrogen Sneaker by Stor H Main

CYCLEUROPE Industries, the French manufacturer of electric bikes(brands Gitane, Bianchi) and STOR-H Technologies, the specialist of low carbon solutions and the inventor of hydrogen cartridges, have combined their expertise to create a whole new concept of hydrogen-powered scooter bike: the Sneaker.

This multi-purpose scooter for both professionals and private individuals unprecedented solution in the world of low-carbon urban mobility.

Hydrogen Sneaker by Stor H 2

It is with the common commitment to contribute to invent the uses of tomorrow through innovative solutions for the planet and for users CYCLEUROPE Industries and STOR-H Technologies jointly developed the first hydrogen-powered Sneaker.

For the first time, this sneaker is equipped with STOR-H technology which required 4 years of R & D and is the subject of 155 patents.

This exclusive technology stores green hydrogen at very low pressure in cartridges. These cartridges, of the plug & drive type, are used to power 2, 3 or 4-wheeled vehicles powered by STOR-H. Exchangeable in a few seconds, they each allow an autonomy of about 50 km and are reusable and recyclable with a lifespan of more than 15 years.

This innovative technology is recognized as the most promising current solution in sustainable mobility, urban transport, and zero-carbon cities. Without any harmful emissions, convenient for the user and does not require a complex infrastructure, it allows to choose a clean energy and very easy to implement.

With its carrying system, its compactness and thanks to its pendulum steering system developed by CYCLEUROPE Industries, the Sneaker can sneak into the streets for longer trips, convenient, faster, safer and entirely ecological. Equipped with Schwalbe balloon tires for greater comfort, front / rear hydraulic disc brakes and a parking brake at the front for greater safety, it also offers handling and stability.

With its platform capable of supporting up to 25 kg of goods or equipment, the Sneaker, customizable according to its use, will seduce all those who need to move quickly, effortlessly, while carrying equipment.
Hydrogen Sneaker by Stor H 3

Through this collaborative project, the common goal of the alliance CYCLEUROPE Industries and STOR-H Technologies is to innovate for the planet while bringing a practical user experience, fluid and modern.


The CYCLEUROPE Group is the creator, manufacturer, and distributor of bikes and electric bicycles for all uses. The Group, exclusive worldwide licensee for the Peugeot brand, owns the following brands: Bianchi, Gitane, DBS, Monark, Crescent, Kildemoes, Everton. The Group has three production units in Europe, Sweden and Italy, including one in France, CYCLEUROPEIndustries, in Romilly-sur-Seine (10). This site is the center of competence of the VAE for the entire Group. Leader in this market and partner of the Post Office for many years, CYCLEUROPE Industries innovates constantly. [email protected]

About STOR-H Technologies

STOR-H Technologie is part of the company AAQIUS, which is an innovative company specialized in the development of “low carbon” breakthrough technology standards for transport and energy. AAQIUS relies on significant intellectual property (155 patents) and extensive know-how in solid storage material of hydrogen. AAQIUS has successfully created solutions”low-carbon” technologies in the field of engine emissions control,today become global standards in the automotive industry with more than 10 million vehicles in circulation. A pioneer in hydrogen, she created a specialized entity called STOR-HTechnologies regrouping all its assets and expertise related to hydrogen. STOR-H Technologies has developed anew energy standard based on a very innovative use of green hydrogen stored at very low-pressure in plug & play cartridges to help ease and accelerate the transition to alow-carbon urban mobility. Reusable and recyclable, these hydrogen cartridges are used to propel different types of vehicles, 2, 3 and 4 wheels, compatible STOR-H, to make urban journeys without any pollution.


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