Discover TFP Hydrogen’s Solutions for Green Hydrogen at the Hydrogen Tech Expo

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Fuel Cells Works, Discover TFP Hydrogen’s Solutions for Green Hydrogen at the Hydrogen Tech Expo

Burneside UK – Green hydrogen is widely accepted as a critical part of advancing the energy transition. However for it to become a reality the technology used to generate it, such as PEM Electrolysers, must demonstrate both performance and affordability. TFP Hydrogen’s specialised coatings and catalysts play an important role in enabling this; they enhance the performance, efficiency and durability of PEM electrolysers to effectively reduce the lifetime cost of green hydrogen production.

TFP Hydrogen will be exhibiting these innovative electrochemical materials, which include coatings for porous transport layers (PTLs), meshes and bipolar plates, on stand 5250 at the forthcoming Hydrogen Technology Expo in Bremen, from 19th -20th October. Dr. David Hodgson, TFPH’s Managing Director and a leading expert in the field, will also be speaking on the 19th October at the associated conference, focussing on “Reducing the Cost of Green Hydrogen Generation through Materials Innovation” and discussing TFPH’s materials and capability in more detail.

TFP Hydrogen’s coatings are used on a number of different titanium PEM electrolyser components to increase the performance and lifetime of the system. The coatings protect Cell Separators, Bipolar and Unipolar plates from corrosion, reducing hydriding & embrittlement which increases the ohmic resistance and can lead to mechanical failure. The result is improved long term component performance and cell lifetime. The coatings offer the same benefits for macro transport layer meshes and PTLs, such as titanium sinters & felts, as well as being designed to lower the interfacial contact resistances of these components and maintain this over 10,000s of hours. In PTLs the specially designed coatings also protect against oxidation and reduce overpotential, enabling operation at high energy efficiency over long time periods. All these benefits mean that the electrolyser system is able to operate at high energy efficiency over long time periods, which is necessary to make green hydrogen production more competitive.

As well as performance enhancing component coatings, TFP Hydrogen has recently launched a new catalyst range, also designed to deliver enhanced performance of the PEM electrolyser system and proven over 10,000’s of hours. The high efficiency iridium (Ir) and ruthenium (Ru) anode catalysts are designed for use in the manufacture of Catalyst Coated Membranes (CCMs) and are highly dispersible into inks for ease of use in this application. They are formulated to enable the system to operate at a low voltage, improve long term durability and ensure high performance.

All of TFP Hydrogen’s coating and catalyst technology is rapidly scalable, enabling the company to respond efficiently to demand increases and support the growth of the hydrogen sector. The company has recently doubled coating capacity at the company’s Cornwall base, installed a new coating facility in Schenectady NY and invested in scaling catalyst manufacturing capacity and capability to enable supply in multi kilogram orders. To find out more about TFP Hydrogen’s products and increasing capability, talk to the team on stand 5250 at the Hydrogen Technology Expo in Bremen.

Fuel Cells Works, Discover TFP Hydrogen’s Solutions for Green Hydrogen at the Hydrogen Tech ExpoAbout Technical Fibre Products: & TFP Hydrogen Products:

Technical Fibre Products (TFP) produce advanced materials that make a difference; enabling world class innovators in the development of solutions for a cleaner, greener and safer world.

Part of James Cropper PLC, TFP is a global business, with sites in the UK and USA and a worldwide sales and support network. TFP’s materials provide solutions across a wide range of markets such as aerospace, defence, automotive and construction, as well as in renewable energy, where there is a strong focus on enabling green technologies, such as fuel cells, green hydrogen generation, wind energy and electric vehicles.

Growth in the renewable energy sector and the hydrogen economy is of strategic importance in TFP’s vision to enable a cleaner, greener future.  In the next 5 years the aim is for the majority of sales to come from applications that support the Global drive to net zero carbon emissions, enabling the energy transition.  TFP specialises in enabling our customers to develop market leading solutions, in areas such as PEM water electrolysis, hydrogen fuel cells, wind energy and carbon capture. To facilitate this, the company has strengthened our offering in the rapidly growing Hydrogen sector with the acquisition of TFP Hydrogen Products in 2021. TFP Hydrogen produces coated components for PEM water electrolysis which reduce the cost of producing Green Hydrogen, a critical part of the global transition to sustainable energy. In addition, TFP’s materials not only reduce the cost of hydrogen generation, they also facilitate it’s use as our nonwovens are used as Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL) substrate in many of the world’s hydrogen fuel cells.

TFP pride ourselves on being the experts in our field; developing and manufacturing high quality, specialised materials that can be designed to meet a customer’s specific needs. Our portfolio includes high performance nonwovens, coatings and catalysts, all of which are designed to add value by increasing performance, system efficiency, durability, adding functionality or aiding fabrication.

To find out more about TFP and TFP Hydrogen Products, our materials and how they make a difference, please visit: and

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