Doosan Launches Environmental Patrol Demonstration Test Using Hydrogen Fuel Cell Drones in the Nakdong River Basin

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December 6, 2019 |

Doosan Fuel Cell Drone Water Inspection

Doosan Mobility Innovation recently conducted a test with the Korea Water Resources Corporation on the Nakdong River Basin.

This event was conducted to find ways to expand the use of drones for regional water resource management. Hydrogen fuel cell drones are able to perform various missions based on long flight times, demonstrating at the Nakdong River basin was used to show the convergence of drones and water resource management.

Doosan Mobility Innovation’s hydrogen fuel cell drone showed a variety of missions by flying the 20km Nakdong River basin from Gangjeong Boryeongbo to Daegu. It performed a variety of missions with long flights such as emergency evacuation warning broadcasts, oil spill monitoring, transmission tower inspections, and real-time checks of fish ponds. Doosan highlighted the excellence of the product by directly comparing the utility of the hydrogen fuel cell drone, to a battery-powered one. The fuel cell-powered drone can fly for two hours.

Participants of the Korea Water Resources Corporation (KWRC) who co-hosted the demonstration were satisfied with the long-term flight and confirmed the need for a drone mission.

KWRC will develop a watershed inspection solution to prevent water pollution and protect the water supply and use it for various missions.


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