Doosan Mobility Innovation and Hanyang Co., Ltd. Develop “Hydrogen Fuel Cell Drone-Based Solar Inspection Solution”

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Doosan Inspeciton of Solar Arrays
  • Combining strengths, companies to realize eco-friendly energy supply and the utilization of hydrogen fuel cell drones
  • Based on the advantages of hydrogen fuel cell drone long flight time

Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) has teamed up with Hanyang to implement a solar inspection solution using drones.
DMI and Hanyang Corp. announced that they have signed an MOU to activate solar inspection solutions using hydrogen drones.

Hanyang Co., Ltd. is an energy comprehensive service company that provides eco-friendly energy supply and high-quality services such as photovoltaic, biomass and LNG. Hanyang Co., Ltd. is planning to complete 98MW-class Haenam Solar City Solar Power Plant in 2020.

The two companies will develop a smart solar check solution that checks the nation’s largest solar power plant with hydrogen fuel cell drones capable of flying for more than two hours. The solution features AI technology to automatically analyze the status of solar modules.

Equipped with optical and thermal imaging cameras on hydrogen drones to automate flight of photovoltaic complexes to obtain image information, real-time transmission of information via LTE communication, AI-based image/video automatic analysis, and analysis results to be transmitted to the control center to be.


Doo-soon Lee, DMI CEO, said, “Hydrogen fuel cell drones that can fly for a long time can provide innovative solutions in various industries.” “In addition to drone hardware, we provide a total solution for analyzing / processing the information acquired through drones. By providing real value to our customers. ”

DMI participated in CES 2020 earlier this year to receive the highest innovation and innovation award for its hydrogen fuel cell drone products, and decided to develop a drone solution using digital technologies such as cloud platform and AI with global IT company Microsoft.

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