Doosan Mobility Innovation Launches ‘Hydrogen Fuel Cell Pack for Drones’

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October 20, 2019 |

Doosan DS 30 Ceremony
  • Started mass production and sales of hydrogen fuel cell pack ‘DP30’ that can fly drone 2 hours

Doosan Mobility Innovation will launch a hydrogen fuel cell pack for drones that can fly 2 hours drones and start mass production and sales.

On Oct. 17th, Doosan Mobility Innovation held a ceremony to launch the drone hydrogen fuel cell pack ‘DP30’ at DLI Yonkangwon in Gangdong-gu, Seoul.

It also introduces DMI View, a software for drones that can store and apply drone flight and mission information, and demonstrates possible operations due to prolonged drone flight, including construction site mapping (mapping), facility safety checks, missing persons search and pollutant discovery. did. The video taken by the drone was screened in real time through the LG Uplus video transmission solution.

Dong-Hyun Dong, Vice Chairman of Doosan Corporation, said, “The Doosan Mobility Innovation Fuel Cell Pack will be a new concept platform that is widely used in the infrastructure industry and logistics transportation industry.” said.

Doosan Mobility Innovation CEO Lee Doo-soon said, “With endless R & D efforts, we have secured product reliability, durability, and stability, and finally established a mass production system. I will provide it. ”

Doosan Mobility Innovation products can be ordered and delivered through the online store on the official website.


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