Edotco Malaysia Deploys Fuel Cell Hybrid Renewable Energy Solution to Power Remote and Off Grid Sites

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Edotco Malaysia Deploys Fuel Cell for Remote Areas

edotco Malaysia announced that the Company has deployed a hybrid renewable energy solution with fuel cells to power remote, off grid sites in the state of Sabah.

The complete off-grid solution is able to generate clean energy to power base transceiver stations (BTS) located in remote areas with limited access to electricity grid, said the Company.

The hybrid renewable energy project uses electrolyser-based fuel cells with hydrogen storage, solar and lithium batteries. Electrolyser-based fuel cells uses the excess energy generated from the solar power source to electrolyse water, producing hydrogen which is then stored until it is required. In addition to its reliability, the hybrid renewable energy solution reduces operating costs while staying environmentally friendly.

This solution paves the way for future uptake of hybrid renewable energy solutions in off-grid sites and can potentially accelerate the deployment of telecommunications infrastructure in remote areas to bridge the connectivity gap.

edotco Malaysia owns and operates a portfolio of over 10,000 towers across the country which include some that are off-grid. The hybrid renewable energy project will be expanded to more of these sites where solar can be readily harnessed.

Source: The Fast Mode

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