SKYRE Announces the World’s First Commercially Available High-Pressure Electrochemical Hydrogen Separation and Compression System

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H2RENEW™ solves problem of increasing cost and tight supply of hydrogen by recycling hydrogen while simultaneously reducing companies’ carbon emissions

EAST HARTFORD, Conn. — SKYRE, a global clean energy leader that builds and sells hydrogen renewal systems, has announced the release of its newest product: the H2RENEW™ compact electrochemical hydrogen compressor.

Skyre H2Renew1H2RENEW is a breakthrough, solid-state system that provides manufacturers and businesses a way to save money and reduce carbon emissions by recovering and recycling hydrogen that is wasted/vented. SKYRE is the first company in the world to offer a family of onsite, electrochemical separation and compression products that capture hydrogen, purify it and send it back for use in industrial processes.

Using a proprietary electrochemical process developed by SKYRE, the H2RENEW compressor separates and compresses recovered hydrogen to commercial storage pressures, facilitating its reuse for fueling and other high-value applications. Originally developed for NASA as part of critical life support systems for astronauts, the product is designed for a broad array of uses in the emerging hydrogen energy – fuel and storage – markets.

Dr. Trent Molter, President & CEO of SKYRE, said, “The electrochemical compression system developed by SKYRE is significantly different than the conventional approach that utilizes mechanical compressors. It greatly reduces capital and maintenance costs by efficiently compressing hydrogen to commercial storage pressures at significant scale, while avoiding the unacceptable downtime and maintenance pitfalls that have hampered mechanical compressors. Simply put, this is a more cost-efficient and environmentally-advantageous way of delivering hydrogen.”

The H2RENEW’s electrochemical platform provides distinct features and benefits. There are virtually no moving parts so minimal maintenance is required and reliability is enhanced. Another unique aspect of the H2RENEW is that it separates and purifies hydrogen at low pressure from mixed streams; it does not require compression of the entire stream – just the hydrogen. Additionally, the product hydrogen is quietly compressed from near ambient pressure with little additional energy – delivering back 99.99% pure high-pressure hydrogen to storage.

“Our small but mighty H2RENEW system delivers a tremendous impact to companies looking to significantly enhance operational efficiency, reliability and their bottom line while enhancing their ability to be stewards of the environment,” added Dr. Molter.

About SKYRE:
Founded in 2007 as Sustainable Innovations and rebranded in 2018, SKYRE uses a proven, patented electrochemical technology to build innovative clean energy products that deliver breakthrough efficiency and are socially responsible. SKYRE’s products create economic opportunity for companies and contribute to global environmental sustainability by solving some of the world’s most challenging and pressing resource and energy problems.

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