Employees of the Province of Drenthe Will Drive in Hydrogen Cars

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Employees of the province of Drenthe can now use a car that runs on hydrogen for their business trips. Since Monday, June 22, the province has used four of these cars.

Drenthe Hydrogen Cars for Employees 3By making the cars available for business trips, the province wants to contribute to the development of hydrogen technology, but also test driving with this technology. The test is part of the Interreg project Hytrec2. A project that investigates the possibilities for the use of hydrogen in vehicles and from which the province receives a subsidy for the use of the four company cars.

With the use of hydrogen cars, the province of Drenthe also wants to stimulate the development of a regional hydrogen filling point network in Drenthe. To promote driving in hydrogen cars, it is important that there are also filling points where the cars can refuel.

Hydrogen car
In principle, a hydrogen car is ‘just’ an electric car, only the energy is not stored in a battery, but in the form of hydrogen. In a so-called fuel cell, the hydrogen is converted back into electricity to power the engine. The cars can refuel about 6 kg of hydrogen, which should provide a range of more than 500 km. The cars only emit water when driving. The advantages over an electric car are a longer range and especially the much shorter refueling times. At a regular filling station, the tank is full again in less than 5 minutes.

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