Enapter AG: Increasing Use of AEM Electrolysers in Customer Projects

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Fuel Cells Works, Enapter AG: Increasing Use of AEM Electrolysers in Customer Projects
  • Enapter’s solutions are being used in a large and increasing number of customer projects in 52 countries around the world.

Berlin. Enapter AG (ISIN: DE000A255G02) is experiencing high demand for its AEM Electrolysers for the production of green hydrogen. Enapter’s solutions are being used in a large and increasing number of customer projects in 52 countries around the world.

The US company Starfire Energy has developed a modular system for the production of carbon-free ammonia. Ammonia is considered one of the fuels of the future and is used, among other things, in agriculture as a fertiliser, with potential as a fuel for green shipping. Up to now, fossil fuels have been used in the production of ammonia. For every tonne of ammonia produced, two tonnes of CO2 are emitted. Starfire Energy, however, uses AEM Electrolysers from Enapter to produce ammonia. Nitrogen from the air and green hydrogen are converted into liquid ammonia in a CO2-neutral way. Initially started with two AEM Electrolysers, today more than 20 AEM electrolysers are already in use by Starfire, currently enabling daily production of 100 kg of ammonia. Modularly-designed industrial plants with a production capacity of five tonnes/day and more are in the planning stage and can be realised with Enapter’s electrolysers.

Likewise originating in the US, the company Sesame Solar has developed the world’s first 100% Renewably Powered Mobile Nanogrid – a self-contained power generation system – for disaster response. This solution does not require any fossil fuels and can generate green electricity. If the power grid fails, for example due to forest fires, storms or heat waves, environmentally-polluting diesel generators are usually used to produce electricity. Sesame Solar’s Nanogrid, on the other hand, provides carbon-free electricity from solar modules, batteries and a fuel cell, even in remote areas. This fuel cell is powered by green hydrogen produced with the help of an AEM electrolyser from Enapter. The application was developed with Enapter’s partner H2 Core Systems. The Nanogrids are used after disasters to provide power for communication services, emergency medical care water filtration and more.

“Using patented retractable solar arrays and green hydrogen, Sesame Solar’s mobile nanogrids can provide entire communities with power within 15 minutes or less. Our Nanogrid’s integrated energy management system ensures that resources work together smoothly to optimise available energy so we can deliver power to affected communities quickly, flexibly and without fossil fuels,” explains Lauren Flanagan, CEO of Sesame Solar.

The Malaysian mountain village of Kampung Orang Asli Batu 23, some 300 kilometres from the capital Kuala Lumpur, was still completely cut off from the power grid until 2019. Pestech, another certified partner of Enapter, has installed a microgrid here that supplies the village’s 100 or so inhabitants with electricity. Hydrogen produced by AEM electrolysers serves as long-term energy storage and interacts with supercapacitors. During the day, solar power is used directly from the microgrid, with excess energy charging the supercapacitors and being converted into green hydrogen. The supercapacitors meet the night-time demand for electricity, while a fuel cell converts hydrogen to provide the remaining energy demand.

In Wales, the “Milford Haven: Energy Kingdom” project is using Enapter AEM electrolysers for a hydrogen refuelling station owned by car manufacturer Riversimple. The company develops and produces hydrogen-powered cars with the aim of using its products to drive decarbonisation in the automotive industry. Currently, Riversimple’s vehicles are being tested in public. Series production is to follow soon. The Milford Haven solution was developed with the Enapter partner Fuel Cell Systems.

Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, CEO of Enapter: “With our universally applicable electrolysers from series production for the generation of green hydrogen, we address current challenges such as climate protection, decentralised energy generation and alternative driving force both in terms of sustainable development and electromobility. Our scalable solutions for the production of green hydrogen are suitable for almost every industry and are in demand worldwide. We are experiencing steadily growing demand for our fully flexible AEM electrolysers and see ourselves very well positioned for further growth.”

About Enapter

Enapter is an innovative energy technology company that manufactures highly efficient hydrogen generators – known as electrolysers – to replace fossil fuels and thus drive the global energy transition. Their patented and proven Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) technology enables the mass production of cost-effective plug-&-play electrolysers for green hydrogen production at any scale. Their modular systems are already used in 52 countries across the energy, mobility, industrial, heating and telecommunications sectors. Enapter has its main offices in Italy and Germany.

Enapter AG is listed on the regulated market of the Frankfurt and Hamburg stock exchanges, WKN: A255G0.

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