Energy Transition with Hydrogen in Rhein-Neckar

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  • Potential analysis of hydrogen in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region
  • Scientific study by Thinkstep and Prognos

Hydrogen is regarded as an energy source of the future and is increasingly becoming the focus of attention when implementing the energy transition. 

Hydrogen in connection with fuel cell technology is one of the strategic growth areas in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, which is one of the most important economic areas, especially in the chemical industry. Since last year, a working group consisting of representatives from industry, transport and utilities as well as the three regional centers Mannheim, Heidelberg and Ludwigshafen has been working on the production and application possibilities of hydrogen. For the concrete estimation of these development chances, a potential analysis was commissioned by the regional development company Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar GmbH. Independent experts from Prognos AG (economic research) and Thinkstep AG (strategy consulting) have now surveyed and analyzed the economic and ecological potential of local production and use of hydrogen in the Rhine-Neckar region. The workplace effects and the implications for technology transfer were also examined.

“The potential analysis shows that the MRN is excellently positioned to become a model region for hydrogen,” says Ralph Schlusche, director of the Verband Region Rhein-Neckar, in a nutshell. Bernd Kappenstein, head of the Department of Energy and Mobility at the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region, also explains the results of the study: “Hydrogen derived from renewable resources can make a major contribution to reducing climate-damaging greenhouse gases and improving air quality in Rhine-Neckar. Neckar afford. The identified hydrogen demand in the metropolitan area can probably be generated entirely locally and from renewable energies. The use of hydrogen and fuel cell applications potentially adds up to 1,100 jobs in the region, according to the study, mostly in vehicle construction. Promoting hydrogen at an early stage can make the transition to electric propulsion pro-active. “More on the findings of the study annexed to this press release.

The Chambers of Commerce and Industry (IHKn) Rhein-Neckar and Pfalz also see the potential for new jobs and new business areas for companies in a regional hydrogen economy. “The energy transition and the coal exit pose major challenges for companies in the region. It is therefore important to examine the potential of all future-proof technologies that make sense for the region, “explains Andreas Kempff, Managing Director of the IHK Rhein-Neckar. “The use of hydrogen has great potential, especially for mobility solutions. The industry in the region is an important source of inspiration, “Kempff continued. 

Steffen Blaga, Business Area Manager at the IHK Pfalz adds: “The excellently positioned SMEs in the region must have the opportunity to contribute their know-how about the use of hydrogen.

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