Enterprize Energy Signs Agreement on Brazilian Offshore Wind for Green Hydrogen

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Fuel Cells Works, Enterprize Energy Signs Agreement on Brazilian Offshore Wind for Green Hydrogen

The Government of RN signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the Enterprise Enterprize Energy PTE LTD for cooperation actions and technical, economic and environmental exchange for the implementation of offshore wind farms (at sea) and the production of hydrogen and green ammonia. The act took place this Tuesday, August 10th, in-person and online at the governor’s headquarters. 

“We signed the term of commitment because I know the qualification of the company that is dealing with a serious and honest government. A government that is committed to sustainable social and economic development. Rio Grande do Norte has the best conditions in the country for the production of wind energy, including offshore,” stated the governor, professor Fátima Bezerra.

Fátima highlighted the potential for the production of renewable energy in RN. “It’s no wonder that we are the largest producer of wind energy in Brazil. And we have good prospects for advancing even further. In the last auction for new plants, the state was in first place. It approved almost three times more projects than the second place – the richest state in the country, São Paulo. This shows that the RN has played its role: respect for investors, legal certainty, speed in environmental licensing, adequacy of fiscal and tax incentive policies, offering a safe and attractive environment for investments”.

Enterprise Energy develops projects to attract investors. It has projects running in the UK, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam. Ian Hatton, the group’s chief executive, said that he already has a team ready for projects in Brazil and that the RN has the best conditions for producing offshore wind energy. From the wind installations, studies point to the production of desalinated water, hydrogen and green ammonia that can be used in the chemical, fertilizer and fuel industries.

“RN is an exceptional place for projects that can generate more than 2 gigawatts. It has good geographic, production and storage conditions at sea and on land, and could establish itself as a production center for the distribution of green hydrogen,” stated Ian Hatton. He informed that “since 2016 we have developed projects in Taiwan, China, and next year construction works will start to produce more than 1 gigawatts. In Vietnam, it will reach 5 gigawatts of energy with the production of green hydrogen. The engineering applied there will be used in RN and this means the acceleration of projects”.

The Secretary of State for Economic Development (Sedec), Jaime Calado, informed that the RN has qualified labor at the middle, higher and post-graduate levels by public universities. The State, in partnership with the Senar Institute for Innovation in Renewable Energies (ISI-ER) is preparing the solar and wind atlas. “By next April, the atlas will be ready and will be valid for ten years. We also have 14 of the largest wind farms in the world operating and earning profits. And we have the support of the government of professor Fátima Bezerra, which is attested by her presence here. government of dialogue, which wants to generate employment and income with respect for the environment”. Green hydrogen gains relevance as a fuel given the climate degradation caused by the high consumption of fossil fuels such as oil and coal.

Fátima Bezerra requested that companies that come to work in RN through Enterprize install headquarters or administrative offices here. The governor was accompanied by the secretaries of State, Jaime Calado (SEDEC), deputy for Infrastructure (SIN), Haroldo Azevedo Filho, president of Potigás, Larissa Dantas, coordinator of energy development at SEDEC, Hugo Fonseca, undersecretary of the Civil Cabinet, Laíssa Costa. For Enterprize Energy, Megan Hatton – Manager responsible for Latin America, Edward Chen – Technical Director, James Blanchard – Director for Environmental Studies, Steve Plamer – Construction Director, Karina Lo – Manager responsible for institutional relationships, Ernani Eykyn Barbosa – Advisor Senior of the Group for Brazil. Also the representative of the government of the United Kingdom, Renato Cordeiro.


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