Copenhagen: Environment Minister Lea Wermelin Test Drives a Hyundai Nexo Hydrogen Car

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Environment Minister Lea Wermelin was out on a green drive in Copenhagen in a Hyundai Nexo hydrogen car on October 29. 

Hydrogen cars are an important element in the transformation of the transport sector as they only emit a small amount of steam during driving, are quiet, have a long reach, and can be refueled in the same way and at the same time as a petrol or diesel car. They thus ensure the same flexibility and mobility that you are used to from traditional fossil cars, but without the emission of neither CO 2or harmful particles. The hydrogen can be produced by e.g. excess wind turbine current from very windy days and water via electrolysis, and is thus completely green. In order to achieve the politically determined ambition of a 70% CO 2 reduction in 2030, and to address the level of urban air and noise pollution, it is imperative that the transport sector be converted to sustainable zero-emission technologies including hydrogen. – and fuel cell solutions.

Participating in the minister’s drive were the hydrogen industry director Tejs Laustsen Jensen and MF Lars Aslan (S), and they discussed the importance of greater implementation of zero-emission solutions in transport, and EU cooperation in relation to the roll-out of hydrogen fleets and the necessary refueling infrastructure.

The sustainable hydrogen cars are not a rare sight in Copenhagen traffic. The City of Copenhagen has invested in several hydrogen cars through their involvement in the European project H2ME-2, and earlier this year eight hydrogen taxis were put on the streets – also through the H2ME initiatives.

“The transformation of the transport sector is imperative in reducing air pollution and fossil dependence, and promoting hydrogen transport is one of many green initiatives in Denmark,” comments the Brint industry director, Tejs Laustsen Jensen, and continues: “The Danish government has set itself a of the world’s most ambitious climate targets and there is no doubt that greater implementation of hydrogen and fuel cell cars will play a crucial role both in achieving the climate goals and in combating the level of air pollution in cities. The H2ME initiatives are crucial to promoting the continued implementation of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in Denmark. ”

Bart Biebuyck, Executive Director of FCH JU, is very impressed by the implementation of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in Danish transport: “Copenhagen, and Denmark in general, have chosen to adopt hydrogen mobility early, and that is for good reason. Hydrogen cars are very effective in improving air quality and reducing urban noise pollution, and they can also operate efficiently and commercially when deployed in a fleet, such as for example. is the case with the Copenhagen taxis. Copenhagen is truly an example to follow both elsewhere in Denmark and in Europe. ”

Contact the hydrogen industry director, Tejs Laustsen Jensen, for further information, 26 23 94 43.

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