Experts: Morocco Has Potential to Develop its Solar Hydrogen Industry

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On Tuesday at a conference on “Solar Hydrogen: a potential for a continuous development of renewable energies in Morocco” in Rabat.  Experts expressed their opinions that Morocco, with all its achievements in terms of energy diversification, is well placed to set up a solar hydrogen sector capable of producing a fully renewable and carbon-free resource.

At a time when solar hydrogen has taken shape through certain initiatives carried in Europe & in Asia, Morocco, with its solar and wind energy mix, but also its proximity to the European markets, is ideally positioned to seize opportunities offered by this new energy substitute, experts noted at this meeting jointly organized by the Amadeus Institute and the French Association for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (AFHYPAC).

rabat linstitut amadeus organise une conference sur lhydrogene solaireMorocco has a considerable solar potential to exploit, said the president of the Amadeus Institute, Brahim Fassi Fihri, recalling that solar hydrogen, resulting from the electrolysis of water, can be a perfect substitute for hydrocarbons.

In this regard, he said that the objective of this conference, which brought together key players in the energy ecosystem in Morocco as well as in Europe, is to explore the possibilities of developing the hydrogen sector in Morocco to make the Kingdom one of the pioneers in promoting this green resource.

“With the fall in the cost of solar and electrolysis, it is possible to have in the short term a completely decarbonated fuel and massive storage,” he said.

For his part, the president of the Moroccan Association of Hydrogen and Sustainable Development, Adil Gaoui, said that Morocco has the full potential to be able to produce, store and export solar hydrogen, a totally clean resource, and carbon-free, calling for a combination of efforts to create a real hydrogen industry.

“The time is for hydrogen, it is a new vector of energy independence that is offered to Morocco to decarbonize several sectors of its economy,” he said.

For his part, Philippe Boucly, President of AFHYPAC, said that Morocco has every chance to participate in this global boom in hydrogen development.

Thanks to its portfolio in terms of renewable energy, Morocco is very well placed to produce and market this green energy, he added.

For Thierry Lepercq, founder of a company specializing in hydrogen “Soladvent”, “Morocco has a very significant solar and wind potential that it ideally suits to transform in order to extract a solar hydrogen that has the same virtues of oil and gas “.

“In Morocco, yes we can produce solar hydrogen in large quantities and in a largely competitive way,” he said.

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