Faurecia Welcomes the Measures Announced by French Government Favorable to Entire French Automotive Industry & Support for Hydrogen Projects

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fuelcellsworks, France's Faurecia Aims for Strong, Hydrogen-Fuelled Growth
  • Potential of 600 new jobs with high added value in R&D and production of solutions for Zero-Emission Mobility and the Cockpit of the Future
  • Potential of 200 million euros of investments favoring the industrial location of disruptive technologies and the creation of indirect jobs
  • Accelerator of carbon neutrality and digital transformation programs strengthening industrial competitiveness
Faurecia, a leading technology company in the automotive industry, welcomes the measures announced by the President of the Republic in favor of the French automotive industry, in particular support for Research & Development as well as support for the State in regards to hydrogen vehicles.

France is the historic cradle of the Group’s activity, with 30 industrial sites and 7 R&D centers, employing more than 13,700 people, including 1,600 engineers. The national territory is of strategic importance for Faurecia in the design and development of technological solutions for Sustainable Mobility and the Cockpit of the Future.

Strategic investments in the territory for Zero-Emission Mobility

Convinced of the importance of hydrogen technology in “Zero Emission” Mobility, Faurecia recently created its global center of expertise dedicated to the development and production of hydrogen storage systems in Bavans (Doubs). It represents an initial investment of 25 million euros and the creation of 60 jobs with high added value. As of summer 2021, it will supply new generation high-pressure tanks. The Group also plans to set up a larger capacity factory in France, which would represent an additional investment of around 50 million euros and the creation of 150 jobs.

JV Michelin FaureciaFaurecia and Michelin have also created a joint venture – Symbio – of 200 employees grouping together all the activities dedicated to the hydrogen fuel cell of the two groups, with the first investment of 140 million euros. The two partners intend to build a new hydrogen fuel cell plant in the Lyon region.

The authorities’ support for industrial and technological projects in the field of sustainable mobility, in particular hydrogen, will be decisive for Faurecia in order to launch these investments, create a competitive French industrial sector and generate hundreds of jobs with high added value. 

Carbon neutrality and digital transformation, strategic levers of industrial transformation

The environment is a major issue for future generations and is at the heart of the Group’s Convictions for sustainable development. Faurecia has set itself the primary objective of achieving carbon neutrality by 2025 for the emissions from its operations. To achieve this objective, the Group will invest 70 million euros over the next 5 years.

In addition, as of 2017, Faurecia had created a center of expertise developing solutions based on artificial intelligence to accelerate the digital transformation of the Group’s operations. This “Digital Service Factory” has already created 150 jobs and is helping to significantly improve the competitiveness of Faurecia’s industrial sites.

Patrick Koller CEO of Faurecia said, “The measures announced today by the President of the Republic are an essential step in the economic rebound of the French automotive sector. They promote our competitiveness and will allow the establishment of new activities and the creation of jobs with high added value on the territory. Thus Faurecia will be able to accelerate its transformation strategy focused on Sustainable Mobility and the Cockpit of the Future and fully commit to its ambition of carbon neutrality.”


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