France: The 1000 Hydrogen Bus Plan Passes a Key Milestone Thanks to UGAP

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1000 Bus Plan

Already heavily invested in the development of electric mobility, the UGAP now offers its public partners to work together on hydrogen bus offers (we are talking about “coprescription”). A key milestone for the “Plan 1000 bus”, carried by Hydrogen Mobility France.

Hydrogen vehicles now co-prescribed

On the occasion of the Hydrogen Days in the Territories, which are held this year in Marseille, the Union of Public Purchasing Groups (UGAP) announced that the purchasing center would now propose to the partner communities to operate in cooperation with prescription on hydrogen buses , that is to say to build together offers on these vehicles. ”  Our goal is to set up innovative markets with public partners with whom we co-build common objectives,  ” explains Jean-Marc Borne , Director of Technical Purchasing at UGAP.

This mode of operation has already been proven in other vehicle segments, particularly in 2011-2012 on Light Electric Utility Vehicles (“50,000 Electric Vehicles” control group between several large public and private donors). It will now also be used on buses. “The electric motor has largely developed for 2 wheels and light vehicles. For public transport we offer hybrid and electric models.

Today, it is natural that the UGAP, which sells more than 25,000 vehicles a year, is interested in a new hydrogen technology that is part of an ecological as well as industrial strategy “explains Jean-Marc Borne

A major step of the ” 1000 Bus Plan” for France

Hydrogen Mobility France, a consortium specialized in the national association of hydrogen (AFHYPAC), welcomes this announcement, which strengthens the roadmap announced on hydrogen buses (1000 buses by 2023).

If some pioneering cities have indeed made it possible to deploy the first vehicles (Versailles, Pau, Artois-Gohelle, Toulouse, Auxerre), and if the deployment of 88 vehicles is in the boxes, it is now a matter of passing a course and of even go beyond the objectives of the National Hydrogen Plan of June 2018 (200 heavy vehicles by 2023).

“To meet the environmental and pollution control imperatives, we want hydrogen buses to become an option like any other for communities that renew their fleet,” explains Valérie Bouillon Delporte, Vice President of AFHYPAC and project leader. But we also want to encourage the development of a French offer, and this means giving the manufacturers interesting market prospects over the next four years. In this context, the announcement of the UGAP is a decisive step.

About AFHYPAC – Hydrogen Mobility France
Bringing together more than 150 members, AFHYPAC unites the actors of the Hydrogen industry in France: companies, laboratories and research institutes, competitiveness clusters, local authorities, regional associations. Its ambition: accelerate the development of hydrogen solutions for the benefit of energy transition and society.

About UGAP
The UGAP is a public institution under the dual authority of the ministers responsible for the Action and Public Accounts on the one hand, and the National Education on the other hand. The only national general public purchasing center, the UGAP is a specific public purchasing entity whose total activity amounts to more than 4 billion euros excluding tax, spread over 3.5 billion euros of activity. wholesaler (purchase for resale) and 520 million euros of direct purchases by public entities in the gas and electricity markets passed by UGAP on their behalf as an intermediary. Its clients are mainly local authorities, public administrations and public institutions, the social sector and public health establishments. UGAP, through the purchases it makes, is a tool for the implementation of public policies, in terms of rationalization of expenditure, sustainable development, support for SMEs, local employment and innovation. About 53% of the firms with a market are SMEs and 27% are mid-market. UGAP is awarded the label “Supplier Relations and Responsible Purchasing”, awarded by the Mediation of Enterprises and the National Council of Purchasing. The central purchasing office is also an associate member of French Tech. awarded by the Business Mediation and the National Procurement Council. The central purchasing office is also an associate member of French Tech. awarded by the Business Mediation and the National Procurement Council. The central purchasing office is also an associate member of French Tech.


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