French-Finnish Start-Up Majamaja Launches Autonomous Powered Home Using Solar and Fuel Cells

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In late June the French-Finnish start-up Majamaja showcased its eco-friendly home in front of the Station F in Paris and on the second anniversary of Station F in France.

The start-up created its name from the word “maja” which means “hut” in Finnish. The project has been developed by the French-Finnish architect Pekka Littow and its main attributes are that the homes can be autonomous, without being connected to any electrical network.

Majamaja 2The construction of the first pilot village will begin in Finland and the project wants to limit as much as possible its impact on any site the house is built on. A closed loop system processes wastewater, and solar panels accompanied by a storage system power the electrical equipment, such as the refrigerator.

Solar panels and fuel cells

The necessary energy for the home is provided by twenty solar panels . It is then stored by a lithium battery until it is used. In winter, a methanol fuel cell takes over, used as a generator. Finally, the structure is heated by two bottles of natural gas. Rainwater is recovered and treated, just like wastewater and is kept in a tank located at the back of the building, in a space with a capacity of 2000 liters.

According to Majamaja the home does not require more than 24 hours of assembly and also does not require any kind of foundation.

Majamaja wants to be a developer of off-grid solutions at a much more general and above all global level: “We have already, through our network of partners, multiple contacts outside Europe. On a global scale, our vision is primarily to develop housing and meet basic needs , such as access to water and energy, where infrastructure networks are still lacking. ”

Majamaja Story

The inspiration for majamaja comes from the Finnish archipelago, it’s human scale building tradition and the life harmony between human and nature.Majamaja 3

In respect to this foundation, we apply a holistic approach that combine green energy use, clean water autonomy and a circular water clean-up, with resource-optimised and functional space-use. This combines with the use of healthy building materials, timeless aesthetics and high-quality finishing.

Energy and water autonomy for the modern living functions and equipment is a great challenge for our societies. Today it’s possible to be off-the-grid with the expected comfort through a responsible user approach that helps to optimise both the production and consumption of energy and water. The real eco-educational learning is to avoid the careless or excessive consumption allowed by the grid

Today we have a team of international experts designing eco-living solutions for off-grid land development projects.


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