Fuel Cell Company Altergy System is Featured in Fortune Magazines’ October 2020 Issue-Changing the World

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Fuel Cell Company Altergy System is Featured in Fortune Magazines October 2020 Issue Changing the World

IN 2020 OUR PLANET WAS JOLTED BY AN unexpected convergence of crises—the coronavirus pandemic, its devastating economic impact, and outrage over social injustice.


  • Why hydrogen fuel cells are essential to the urgent drive toward carbon-free power

While recovery efforts on all three fronts are top priorities, government, business leaders, and citizens are also increasing their commitment to confronting the existential threat from climate change.

There are a growing number of countries, states, and corporations instituting policies to achieve carbon neutrality as soon as 2024, with some goals already having been achieved through restrictions or bans on combustion engines. But the larger goal can only be accomplished by replacing polluting energy sources with clean, renewable, sustainable alternatives, such as hydrogen.

Utilities have made giant leaps by harnessing solar and wind technology, but they’re still grappling with power disruptions when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing and are now turning toward large-scale electrolysis to feed hydrogen into turbines and fuel cells to achieve zero-emission power.

These cells use the energy of hydrogen to cleanly and efficiently produce electricity, not by conventional combustion but by a catalytic reaction between hydrogen and the air. Hydrogen contains no carbon, and its use in fuel cells produces zero GHGs. Fuel cells can generate uninterrupted power for various applications.

Many energy producers are investing in fuel cell companies, including Altergy Systems, based in Folsom, Calif. Altergy has differentiated itself by designing a patented technology called Freedom Power. Its fuel cells eliminate the use of fragile, expensive components with durable, low-cost parts. Instead of assembling them by hand, Altergy has opened the world’s first automated fuel cell factory.

“Altergy’s fuel cells are robust, reliable, and suitable for harsh environments,” says President and CEO Eric Mettler. “Customers use them instead of batteries and generators to provide backup power.”  Mettler is confident that fuel cells will play an important part in Earth’s carbon-free future. “Eventually, we will put one in every home,” he says.

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