Future of Swiss Fuel Cell Specialist Hexis Secured with Purchase by mPower GmbH

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Hexis Bought by mPower

Viessmann sells complete share package to Dresden-based high-tech company mPower / Cooperation with Viessmann planned to supply SOFC fuel cell modules

The future of Hexis is assured, the Swiss fuel cell specialist Hexis has been part of mPower GmbH based in Dresden, Germany, whose parent company h2e Power Systems Private Limited is an Indian high-tech company based in Pune. A corresponding purchase contract was concluded between mPower and Viessmann. The contracts also include Hexis’ future cooperation with the previous owner in the delivery of SOFC fuel cell modules. As Viessmann had announced, the family company relies on the system integration of the modules into its own energy systems. Both parties agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

Alexander Dauensteiner, owner of the fuel cell product line at Viessmann, said: “We are delighted to have found the right investor/partner for Hexis and are confident that with its global reach and local knowledge, h2e will be able to ensure that Hexis is stable To give guidance. Viessmann will continue to focus on the customer and we look forward to a successful partnership with the h2e group. ”

The founder and CEO of h2e Power & mPower, Siddharth R. Mayur, said: “With the takeover of Hexis, we have not only got a great team, but also a very strong basis to develop world-class products at competitive prices.” And he added: “With Viessmann, we have a great partner and a future anchor customer. In addition to the real estate, commercial and eco-hydrogen market, we want to expand the Hexis product portfolio to include applications in the areas of agriculture, oil and gas, and telecommunications. With our social vision, German and Swiss engineering and Indian entrepreneurship, we want to build the first truly global SOFC company. ”

Dr. Alexander Schuler, CEO of Hexis AG, added: “We are very pleased that we can launch our SOFC product with mPower and h2e and that we can also work with mPower’s SOEC (Power to Fuel) technology platform. This partnership will enable Hexis to become a key player in the transition to the hydrogen economy. ”

Both mPower and h2e are active in the development, design, and sale of SOFC fuel cell systems, especially for oil and gas, telecommunications, and agricultural applications in Asia and other SOC applications such as electrolysis and P2X.

Solid oxide fuel cells are a type of fuel cell that uses a solid oxide electrolyte to conduct negative oxygen ions from the cathode to the anode. The electrochemical oxidation of the oxygen ions with hydrogen or carbon monoxide, therefore, takes place on the anode side. They work at very high temperatures, typically between 700 and 900 °, C. Due to the high temperatures, applications with higher heating circuit temperatures are possible. SOFCs are robust, clean power generators and have a variety of applications in residential, industrial, and commercial areas with outputs from a few watts to MW.

MPower also works on electrolysers. The Solid Oxide Electrolyser Cell (SOEC) is the reverse mode of operation of the SOFC. The SOEC stack generates pure hydrogen through water electrolysis by consuming electricity. The production of pure hydrogen makes sense because it is a clean fuel that can be easily stored and is therefore a potential alternative to batteries. Electrolysis is currently the most promising method of generating hydrogen from water due to the high conversion efficiency and the relatively low energy consumption compared to other methods. The operating conditions are similar to the SOFC.

About mPower GmbH
mPower GmbH commercializes the high-temperature SOFC stacks that are developed at Fraunhofer IKTS with ceramic components to meet the need for robust, efficient, flexible, adaptable, inexpensive, and reliable fuel cell technology. Due to the high temperature, the mPower Stacks can absorb fuel contaminants and are therefore ideally suited for multi-fuel inputs and thus suitable for a wide range of applications.
mPower is a Dresden, Germany-based company that focuses on delivering state-of-the-art stacks to its global customers. mPower has a global license from the inventors of the technology to manufacture, market, maintain, and perform further research, development, and design on the stacks.

About h2e Power Systems
The company h2e Power Systems, based in Pune, India, and New York, USA, was founded in 2011 by the social entrepreneur Siddharth R Mayur together with Amar Chakradeo, Bhavana S Mayur, Suresh Sharma and Mahesh Agashiwala (deceased). The Poonawalla Group, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturers through their company Poonawalla Clean Energy are the partners and investors of h2e. Through its investors & partners, the company is connected worldwide to production sites and trading companies in over 18 countries in areas such as high-tech agriculture, food processing, housing construction, pharmaceuticals, hospitality and waste management. h2e Power Systems has set itself the goal of producing and integrating fuel cell systems in India and establishing integrated, efficient power supply solutions,

About Viessmann
Viessmann is continuously changing from a heating technology manufacturer to a solution provider for the entire living space. For this purpose, the company develops seamless air conditioning and cooling solutions that provide the human environment with the optimal room temperature, hot water, electricity and good air quality in equal measure. In its integrated range of solutions, Viessmann seamlessly connects products and systems via platforms and digital services based on the right energy sources. There are also a variety of additional services. The focus is on the right balance of renewable energy sources and maximum energy efficiency for fossil fuels. Since its foundation in 1917, the family business has been value-oriented and long-term. And it can be seen in the overarching corporate mission statement “We create living spaces for the generations to come”. Designing living spaces for the generations of tomorrow is the responsibility of the 12,300-strong Viessmann family worldwide.

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