gAvilar Receives Funding for H2@Home Project

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gAvilar H2Home Project

gAvilar is a leading partner in a development project for Hydrogen use inside dwellings. Together with the partners Beutech, PIA Automation, Flamco, and Het Internethuis, gAvilar received a significant subsidy from the Dutch government for this joint H2@Home project.

Various products will be tested to achieve safe use of hydrogen inside the house.

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For gAvilar, it is, in particular, the domestic meter regulator that will be equipped with extra functionality, fully geared to hydrogen. An extra safety will cut-off the gas supply to the home in the event of a leak or fire.

The product will be tested under various conditions for a long period of time at the test site of The Green Village on the premises of the Delft University. H2@Home is supported by the 3 major network operators in the Netherlands.

Pieter Klijs, Director Operations of gAvilar: “The grant is an extra support to make this development possible. We notice that there is a great deal of interest in the use of hydrogen in the built environment and we want to make sure that our products will contribute to its safe application”.

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