Germany: Düren District Plans to Build Five Hydrogen Fueling Stations

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JÜLICH– In a recently visit to NPROXX in Jülich, District administrator Wolfgang Spelthahn, outlined the district of Düren’s goal to start a hydrogen infrastructure.

The district is planning to purchase five hydrogen refueling stations and would also like to purchase as many as ten hydrogen-powered buses as soon as possible.

NPROXX develops and produces hydrogen tanks.

During a tour, NPROXX CEO Reinhard Hinterreither said,  “As a leading manufacturer of carbon fiber pressure vessels, we offer the emerging hydrogen economy its indispensable core: storage. For example, we are working with a well-known German train manufacturer on the development of a hydrogen-powered train to create an emission-free alternative to diesel locomotives. We also work with well-known car manufacturers to develop clean and sustainable transport solutions for cars and commercial vehicles. “

NPROXX also outline the progress is making in the project in Meckenheim near Bonn where the company is building a hydrogen refueling station with partners, which was commissioned by Regionalverkehr Köln GmbH (RVK).

“The aim is to reduce the emissions of the still diesel- powered bus fleet, including CO 2 , NOx and particulate emissions, by purchasing environmentally friendly hydrogen buses. The opening of the gas station is scheduled for autumn in 2019.”


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