GKN Hydrogen and Mitsubishi Corporation Technos Sign a Memorandum of Understanding ( Mou) To Bring Gkn Hydrogen’s Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage to Japanese Market

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  • Perfect fit – GKN Hydrogen as a technology leader in the field of hydrogen storage with metal hydrides and Mitsubishi Corporation Technos as a Japanese market leader for providing cutting-edge equipment and sustainable solution to manufacturing industry
  • The focus is on the decarbonization of Japanese infrastructure and industrial facilities

GKN Hydrogen, technology leader and manufacturer of energy and hydrogen storage systems with metal hydride, and Mitsubishi Corporation Technos, Japanese industrial machinery trading company, sign a memorandum of understanding ( MoU ) to market GKN Hydrogen’s metal hydride solutions. Both companies fit together very well due to their core competencies and have set themselves the goal of developing and establishing hydrogen storage solutions.

“Japan is a leading industrial country that is relying on the safe use of hydrogen for future decarbonization. As the technology leader in metal hydride storage, our goal is to work with Mitsubishi to offer and implement comprehensive solutions for the decarbonization of industrial and critical infrastructures and sustainable energy supply. With Mitsubishi, we have found a strong partner with whom we want to tap into the promising potential of the Japanese market.”
Guido Degen, Chief Executive Officer
“As a technology group, we are always interested in the best solutions and see ourselves as a driver of the Japanese hydrogen economy. With our expertise and GKN Hydrogen products, we want to offer and implement the best hydrogen solutions for Japan. The storage of hydrogen in metal hydrides from GKN Hydrogen is particularly safe and can therefore be used in many applications. The discussions with GKN Hydrogen were very trusting from the start . We realized very quickly that we complement each other very well and can make a difference.”
Masataka Shimazu, President of Mitsubishi Corporation Technos
The partnership focuses on the planning, construction and service of energy and hydrogen storage applications that help Japanese users make their infrastructure and industrial facilities more CO2 neutral and therefore more sustainable. The core applications include, for example, decentralized, grid-independent energy supplies in residential areas and functional buildings, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and the CO2-neutral emergency power supply for hospitals, data centers and telecommunications facilities. In manufacturing industry, the 100% recyclable storage systems are very suitable for use as process gas storage for hydrogen boilers and burners in energy-intensive industries such as the metal processing, food/beverage, and glass industries.

About GKN Hydrogen

GKN Hydrogen is pioneering safe, zero-emission storage of green hydrogen, helping users and organizations around the world achieve their environmental and carbon neutrality goals today and in the years to come. The company develops and markets systems, systems and solutions for the use of green, electrical energy and hydrogen. The systems generate green hydrogen from renewable energy sources and store it compactly and loss-free in metal hydride over long periods of time. Depending on requirements, the green hydrogen can be used directly or converted back into electricity and heat. GKN Hydrogen is part of Dowlais, an engineering group specializing in the automotive sector.

Contact GKN Hydrogen
Dirk Bolz – Director Marketing & Sales
[email protected]


About Mitsubishi Corporation Technos

Mitsubishi Corporation Technos (MTS) is an industrial machinery trading company of Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), a global integrated business enterprise that develops and operates businesses together with its offices and subsidiaries worldwide. MTS has broadened its product line-up from wide range of industrial machinery to valuable technologies and solutions that enhance manufacturing customer’s productivity and sustainability. Today, as a member of MC group companies aiming to dedicate to Decarbonization with utilizing Energy Transformation (EX)/Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives, MTS aims to develop infrastructure of green hydrogen at industrial sector in Japan.


Contact Mitsubishi Corporation Technos
Ryota Kizushi – General Manager, Manufacturing Solution Department.

[email protected]



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