Green Machines 500 H2 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sweeper on Its Tour De France

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Back in November 2020 the company presented their GM 500 H2 for the first time to the world completely digitally!

Even though the company initially planned its reveal for the IFAT trade fair that was supposed to happen in May 2020, but was sadly canceled due to the coronavirus, it still attracted a lot of online attention. This groundbreaking hydrogen fuel cell sweeper now got its first official tour and it was amazing! Their 500 H2’s tour de France was a success and the company is happy that they managed to present it live to as many people as possible, despite all the restrictions and the difficulties we’ve been encountering this past year.

The tour started in the west of France, in Bretagne, and continued through the north, east and then they ended it in the south. The direct feedback throughout the entire tour was really positive! From municipalities and contract cleaners to large companies that want to contribute to cleaner and greener areas in their cities and individuals who were genuinely interested in learning more about this innovative game-changing technology.

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Green Machines is Introducing GM 500H2, the First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sweeper

What’s more, everyone is always impressed by the comfort and exceptional maneuverability of this machine, which comes as no surprise since the 500 H2 offers the exact same ergonomic design and comfort its predecessor 500ze has always been praised for. The positive feedback was expected to say the least, but it was really nice to see people experience the 500 H2’s excellent performance in real life.

Demos can always be scheduled and we’ve always had this option available although right now it’s a little difficult to organize them as fast as they could before the coronavirus. However, if you’re interested in a demo, or learning more about any of their machines, you can always contact them through the contact forms at or send them an email at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help you and your city go green!

Lastly, they have to say a big thank you to their French dealer – CMAR for their huge support and for helping them organize their 500 H2’s tour de France!  This wouldn’t have been possible without their knowledge, assistance and hard work. Unfortunately, the big Paris H2 Expo that was part of their tour de France was postponed due to the strict lockdown but they did manage to present their 100% hydrogen sweeper to several groups of people who share their vision for a cleaner and greener future in Paris. All in all, this tour de France was a wonderful successful experience and definitely a breath of fresh air amidst all the eerie and unfortunate events we’ve all experienced this past year.


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