Gruber Logistics Pioneering the Introduction of Hydrogen Trucks on European Roads

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Gruber Logistics NikolaTre

GRUBER Logistics was the first European company to book, a few weeks after its official launch on the American market, the 40-tonne hydrogen-powered truck for international transports. The vehicle booked by GRUBER Logistics, the Nikola 3, was produced by the Nikola Motor Company, an American company dedicated to the production of alternative fuel vehicles.

Gruber“As an owner-managed family business with headquarters in a natural environment such as South Tyrol, we have always strived to promote a more sustainable mobility. 2019 has been a particularly profitable year for us: we have, in fact, extended our fleet with LNG-powered trucks (liquefied natural gas) and planned the complete renewal of our fleet. We have been waiting for the arrival of an hydrogen-powered truck on the European market for a long time, and now with Nikola 3 we have finally found the answer to our needs “- declares Martin Gruber, CEO GRUBER Logistics -” We are in contact with the production company and we will participate in the official presentation event that will take place in a few weeks in Arizona. On that occasion, we will push forward with the proposal to become promoters of a pilot project at European level to spread the use of hydrogen in transport ”.

Hydrogen-powered vehicles do not emit any kind of harmful emissions, but only water vapor; they are also extremely quiet and particularly suitable for heavy transports because of their autonomy and power. Furthermore, compared to electric vehicles, hydrogen-powered trucks offer superior environmental benefits: in fact, they draw energy from fuel cells, thus eliminating the problems related to the production and disposal of batteries, which are instead essential for electric trucks.

A partnership for the environmental sustainability

 Meanwhile, the company GRUBER Logistics is already preparing the ground for the arrival of Nikola 3 in Italy. South Tyrol has always been a pioneer in the field of sustainable mobility. This is demonstrated by the establishment of the Hydrogen Centre in Bozen South, which is considered one of the largest and most innovative in the world.

The Hydrogen Centre is the result of a successful partnership between the A22 “Autostrada del Brenner”o and the Institute for Technological Innovations (IIT) with the support of the Provincial Government and EU funds” – states Thomas Klauser, Director of Administration, Communication and Technology at the Center – “Together with the A22 we set ourselves the goal of improving the life quality of the local communities, by promoting sustainable and innovative technologies. The partnership with GRUBER Logistics will certainly help us expand the hydrogen network in South Tyrol and, together with the A22, along the Brenner corridor. Together we will proceed with the planning of the necessary infrastructures to enable the transit of heavy vehicles along the Brenner axis ”.

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