Toshiba Energy Systems Begins Full-Scale Operation of Hydrogen Station

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March 27, 2019 |

Toshiba H2Plaza

Opening ceremony of hydrogen filling station held at Toyota Industries’ Takahama Plant.

Renewable hydrogen filling station “H2PLAZA”, which Toshiba Energy Systems Co., Ltd. received an order from Toyoda Automatic Loom Co., Ltd. last year was completed, and the opening ceremony was on March 22 2019.

At this hydrogen filling station, 13 fuel cell forklifts are supplied with hydrogen.  Toshiba’s control system, developed independently, enables it to adjust the amount of hydrogen production appropriately and according to the operating conditions of the fuel cell forklifts, thus realizing efficient energy utilization.

Toshiba’s “H2One ™” is a free standing hydrogen energy supply system that produces renewable energy and hydrogen, for fuel cell vehicles and FC forklifts.

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