Hydrogen Europe’s Vision on the Role of Hydrogen and Gas Infrastructure on the Road Toward a Climate Neutral Economy – A Contribution to the Transition of the Gas Market

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Hydrogen in Europe Report

Hydrogen Europe is strongly convinced that hydrogen of low carbon footprint is a key lever for achieving deep decarbonisation in an affordable and competitive manner.

As a clean energy carrier, feedstock and fuel, hydrogen can facilitate the large-scale integration of renewables, enabling grid balancing and seasonal storage as well as the decarbonisation of natural gas through innovative technologies.

Hydrogen represents a pragmatic and cost-efficient solution for the decarbonisation of hard-to-abate sectors of the economy such as transport, heating and cooling, and energy-intensive industries in particular.

The upcoming revision of the gas market design, currently being prepared by the European Commission, should intend to provide a clear framework for the uptake of renewable and low-carbon gases and the hydrogen market. Our paper aims to inform and start the discussion with stakeholders about the key role of the gas market in the deployment of hydrogen. Furthermore, this paper will elaborate on the future role of new and existing infrastructures as EU stakeholders strive to future-proof their business and green the European gas grid, making it fit-for-purpose and in line with EU objectives. As such, this paper lays down concrete suggestions in the search for a purposeful framework for hydrogen, including definitions, market ownership models and targets.

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