Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Plane by ZeroAvia Named Time’s 100 Best Inventions of 2020

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Plane by ZeroAvia Named Times 100 Best Inventions of 2020

Time recently published its yearly 100 Best Inventions of 2020 and ZeroAvia was among this list of inventions.

Hydrogen Power for Airplanes

In 2019, passenger airlines emitted a record 915 million tons of CO² into the atmosphere. But bluer skies may be ahead. Case in point: ZeroAvia’s zero-emission hydrogen-electric power train, which substitutes hydrogen fuel cells and electric motors for conventional fossil-fuel-­powered engines.

The tech was recently tested on a flight north of London, in which a small Piper M-Class six-seater took to the air. Founder and CEO Val Miftakhov, a pilot and a veteran in the sustainable-­transportation industry, predicts that the tech will be able to power a 20-seat aircraft with a range of 500 miles within three years and a 100-passenger jet within 10.

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About ZeroAvia

About ZeroAvia

ZeroAvia is producing the world’s first practical zero-emission aviation powertrain, initially targeting 20-seat airplanes to start replacing dirty jet fuel.


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