Hympulsion Chooses ENGIE Solutions for the Zero Emission Valley

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Hympulsion Chooses ENGIE Solutions for the Zero Emission Valley

ENGIE Solutions announces that it has been chosen by Hympulsion , the company deploying the largest renewable hydrogen mobility project in France, to design and build all the hydrogen stations in the Zero Emission Valley (ZEV) .

 This project confirms the emergence, at the heart of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, of an exemplary ecosystem for deploying hydrogen on a large scale, at the service of a carbon neutral economy.

Hydrogen: a strategic element to diversify the energy mix

An essential link in the climate transition, hydrogen is an essential lever for a more virtuous energy mix. A major player in the hydrogen sector in France, ENGIE Solutions currently ensures the development or operation of more than 40 hydrogen stations on the national territory. 
The ENGIE Solutions teams will put their know-how acquired in sustainable mobility and their in-depth knowledge of Rhône-Alpes territorial challenges to the design and construction of the 20 hydrogen stations planned as part of the ZEV project in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes .
They will support Hympulsion in the design and construction of the stations. The scope of intervention is vast: choice of locations after soil study, definition of technical specifications, site preparation, fluid management, civil engineering, technical installation to the payment system, without forgetting the obtaining of administrative authorizations. ENGIE Solutions will also be in charge of the upkeep and maintenance of the stations, the progressive installation of which will be completed by 2023.
These green hydrogen stations mark a turning point in the energy transition and the fight against climate change. They will initially supply fleets of light vehicles. They can be adapted to also supply buses or trucks. 

ENGIE Solutions, developer of sustainable mobility serving all uses

Representing a third of energy consumption worldwide, the mobility sector is the second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world. 

Through the use of alternative fuels, ENGIE Solutions supports local authorities, industries, and companies in the tertiary sector to respond appropriately to mobility needs according to use, through its recognized expertise in all areas of green mobility: supplier of natural gas vehicles and hydrogen stations, promoter of hydrogen projects serving mobility and industry, deployment of electric charging infrastructure or management and greening of the first private fleet in France (electric, hydrogen, CNG). 

“This project for green hydrogen stations is part of the future. A true alternative to fossil fuels, it reflects the implementation of a whole sector, particularly active in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes. We know that we can count on the expertise and experience of ENGIE Solutions to support this deployment of virtuous energy at the service of the development and attractiveness of the territory ”summarizes Jean-Christian Beaumont, General Manager of Hympulsion.

Wilfrid Petrie, Deputy Managing Director of the ENGIE group in charge of ENGIE Solutions, says: “Responsible for around a quarter of CO2 emissions worldwide, transport is a major axis in the transition to a more virtuous economy. The transition to less-polluting mobility is essential today and involves the mobilization of the entire local ecosystem. Resolutely committed to the energy transition of the territories, the ENGIE Solutions teams will mobilize with our partners all their know-how through this very beautiful project, to support and accelerate the greening of mobility in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. “

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