Hynion Acquires Hydrogen Station in Sweden

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Woikoski station

This week Hynion signed an agreement with Woikoski to buy the company’s hydrogen station in Gothenburg.

With the takeover of Gothenburg station, Hynion will also establish itself as a supplier of hydrogen fuel in Sweden, says CEO Ulf Hafseld of Hynion AS.

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Ulf Hafseld, here with a school class from Blindern vgs, says that the extension of the station at Høvik will be completed by the end of April.

The station in Gothenburg, which was opened by Minister of Infrastructure Anna Johansson on October 26, 2015, has for the past year been closed for refueling. Hynion will now reopen the station so that users in the region can again get fuel refilled.

“Hydrogen represents an important zero-emission fuel in the transition that the transport industry will undergo in the coming years. With this acquisition, we can start implementing our plans faster in Sweden, ”Hafseld points out.

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The hydrogen station in Gothenburg, which Hynion has taken over, was opened on October 26, 2015 by Infrastructure Minister Anna Johansson and Clas Palmberg, who owns Woikoski Oy. Photo: Woikoski

Upgrade before opening

The station will now undergo an upgrade before being put into operation by Hynion Sverige AB. The date of reopening has not yet been set.

Hynion has also entered into an agreement to take over another station that Wokoiski has built in Finland – and move it to a suitable location in Sweden. Chairman Kurt Dahlberg of Hynion sees the two stations as useful in the company’s strategy for Sweden.

“Hynion now gets its first station in Sweden. We will now consider what would be the best location for the other station. The company is growing strongly and will establish more stations to provide a good service to those who want to switch to hydrogen fuel,” he says.

Has four hydrogen stations

With this acquisition, Hynion will have four hydrogen stations in its portfolio.

In November last year, the station opened on Høvik, which for the past four months has served all of the Oslo region’s cars. The station will be expanded with a new supply line, in collaboration with Hyundai and Toyota. The expansion, which will be ready by the end of April, will increase capacity and security of supply.

The station in Porsgrunn will open as demand increases in the region.

Source: Hynion

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