Throwback Thursday Spotlight: Century Autogroep Launches Fully Electric Hydrogen Powered Volkswagen Transporter

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March 26, 2020 |

waterstof transporter

The first electric Volkswagen Transporter with a hydrogen fuel cell intended for the municipality of Groningen.

Century Autogroep, in collaboration with Holthausen Clean Technology BV from Hoogezand, has launched a fully electric, hydrogen-powered, Volkswagen Transporter. 

The hydrogen-powered Transporter, the H2-Transporter, has now been definitively approved by the RDW. The hydrogen and fuel cell technology variant is ideally suited for emission-free urban distribution and use with a tow bar for 2,200 kg. The H2-Transporter can be ordered directly from Century Autogroep. Century Autogroep has now started with the first deliveries of already sold H2-Transporters. The first vehicle with license plate VDR-83-X is intended for the municipality of Groningen, for the emission-free transport of parts to various warehouses in the city of Groningen.

 Mobility company Century Autogroep uses the H2-Transporter to make the fleet more sustainable. The demand for emission-free passenger and commercial vehicles is increasing. Hydrogen and fuel cell technology is a good solution for this in commercial vehicles. Last year, the demand for and sale of electric cars also exploded at Century. Audi and Volkswagen are already making great efforts on zero-emission mobility. SEAT and ŠKODA will follow with their first electric cars this year.

” We also want to make a meaningful contribution to this. How wonderful it is to be able to contribute to the environment and our future, to meet the concrete demands of several customers from our area and to realize this in collaboration with a local party such as Holthausen ”. Said director/owner Erik Meems of Century Autogroep. Because of this vision, Century Autogroep, after the introduction of the fully electric Volkswagen Transporter, continued to develop with Holthausen Clean Technology BV into a hydrogen and fuel cell technology variant. This has now been definitively approved by the RDW.

Hydrogen and fuel cell technology

Hydrogen and fuel cell technology offer more advantages than electric driving. In this drive technique, hydrogen is generated by electrolysis. The electricity that is needed for generating comes from wind and solar energy, or green hydrogen. However, hydrogen offers even more opportunities. In addition to filling the hydrogen cylinder in just 3 minutes, the H2-Transporter has enough torque to tow a trailer up to 2,200 kg.

waterstof transporter insert

The H2-Transporter has a range of 250 kilometers on the fuel cell, due to the 25kWh battery pack also 60 kilometers electric and is supplied in the extended version of the Volkswagen Transporter. In addition, the H2-Transporter has the only emission of water. This makes the H2-Transporter the bus for the future. The possibilities to switch to a completely emission-free fleet in the future are endless. In addition to companies in the logistics city distribution and landscaping industry, the H2-Transporter is also interesting for provinces, municipalities and governments. The first episodes of Transporters on hydrogen will take place soon.

The Transporter can be charged at a charging station or filled at a hydrogen filling station. This way you have the best of both worlds! If you choose to only charge the vehicle electrically, you can achieve 60 km of range with 220V charging!


  • 3-person
  • Air conditioning
  • Rear doors with window
  • Divider with window
  • Side sliding door
  • Radio with Bluetooth
  • Load capacity ± 750 kg
  • Towbar optional
  • Total range including hydrogen: 250 km

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