Hype Reveals the Map of the Next 8 Stations of Its Ile-De-France Green Hydrogen Network

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hype reveals the map of the next 8 stations of its iledefrance green hydrogen network
  • Will be deployed before mid-2024
  • Hype will deploy in Ile-de-France, before mid-2024, 8 new distribution stations powered by green hydrogen produced locally. The first of these stations will open Porte de Bercy in September 2023.
  • The development of these 8 new stations, which will bring the cumulative distribution capacity of the Hype network to 7 tons of green hydrogen per day, constitutes the first phase of the deployment of the Hype network in Ile-de-France.
  • 7 new partners are associated with the deployment of these stations and will contribute to the diversification and the rise in power of uses.

Paris– Hype, an independent pure player in hydrogen mobility, will deploy in Ile-deFrance, by the end of the second quarter of 2024, 8 new green hydrogen distribution and production stations, open to all. To support this deployment, Hype is forging 7 new partnerships associated with the establishment of these stations, in order to diversify and accelerate the very short-term development of hydrogen mobility uses.

hype reveals the map of the next 8 stations of its iledefrance green hydrogen network1

A territorial network meeting green hydrogen needs

These 8 stations will be located at:

  1. Paris, Porte de Bercy
  2. Buc, in Yvelines, as part of a partnership with BE GREEN, operator of the largest fleet of electric buses and coaches in France
  3. Near the Enghien-Soisy racecourse
  4. Proximity to the Grosbois racecourse, these two aforementioned sites being part of a partnership with SETF, an association organizing trotting horse races
  5. Beauchamp, in partnership with Gasoil Productions, creator of event universes
  6. Villeneuve-le-Roi, in partnership with Raffinerie du Midi; specialist in the storage of liquid energy products
  7. Near Massy, ​​in partnership with EODev, a pioneer in low-carbon electricity production solutions from hydrogen, on land and at sea
  8. Near Cergy Pontoise, in partnership with ENERTRAG, expert in renewable energies

In addition, Stellantis and Hype are studying, as part of their partnership, the deployment of an additional Hype station on the Stellantis site in Carrières-sous-Poissy, which will be the center of expertise for Peugeot e-Expert Hydrogen and Citroën ë- Jumpy Hydrogen integrated into the Hype fleet in PMR Crit’Air 0 taxis.

These stations will be powered by green hydrogen produced locally, and in particular by the electrolysers deployed by Hype on some of these sites and renewable electricity supplied by ENERTRAG.

The VINCI group will build these new stations as part of its strategic partnership with Hype.

On this occasion, Hype is also announcing a partnership with SEM Ile-de-France Investissements et Territoires, the semi-public property company in the Region, which will support the deployment of its Ile-de-France network.

 A network at the service of scaling up hydrogen mobility

This network of stations open to all will make it possible to support the rapid growth of the Hype fleet and in particular of the PMR Crit’Air 0 taxis deployed in partnership with Stellantis and with the support of APF France handicap, the volume of which could reach up to to 1,000 vehicles at the end of 2024, subject to obtaining the “Parisian PMR taxi” operating license (1).¹ being set up by the French Government according to the system provided for in article 26 of the law relating to the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Mathieu Gardies, Chairman and CEO and Founder of Hype commented:“With these 8 new stations by mid-2024 representing a daily distribution capacity of 7 tonnes of green hydrogen, Hype is implementing the first phase of the development of its Paris region network in accordance with its agenda. We are very happy to count on the support of our new partners to accelerate the deployment of these stations and associated uses, in particular our fleet of PMR Crit’Air 0 taxis which is a priority for Hype. By capitalizing on our speed of execution and our integrated model, we are able to provide a concrete and immediate solution to clean up and decarbonize essential mobility in the Ile-de-France region and effectively address accessibility issues. Hype’s strategy is thus perfectly aligned with the objectives set by the public authorities. We are now hoping for rapid confirmation that the “Parisian PMR taxi for the 2024 JOP” licensing system will be consistent. »

About Hype 

Launched in Paris in 2015, on the occasion of COP21, to respond to the public health emergency posed by air and noise pollution in urban areas, Hype is developing the first hydrogen mobility platform simultaneously integrating supply and production. , distribution and uses, with the taxi as the first relevant market. Hype, which has directly operated the largest fleet of hydrogen taxis in the world for more than seven years, now aims to organize the rapid and massive transition of taxis and other professional mobility towards zero emissions. By capitalizing on its speed of execution, its agility and its ”scalable” and integrated model which facilitates the use in the short term and by the greatest number, drivers and customers, of the zero-emission mobility solutions that the hydrogen,


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