SAFRA Wins the Dunkirk Hydrogen Bus Contract

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safra wins the dunkirk hydrogen bus contract

First French manufacturer of hydrogen buses and pioneer in the retrofitting of hydrogen coaches, SAFRA has just won the Dunkirk call for tenders for the supply of 10 hydrogen buses.

The choice of the Urban Community of Dunkirk thus fell on the new generation of SAFRA buses, HYCITY®, on a 12m version with 3 doors. An order that enriches the company’s already busy business prospects for 2024.

Dunkirk, an accelerating hydrogen hub

The Dunkerque Grand Littoral Urban Community announced on July 3 the order for 10 HYCITY® buses for its DK’BUS public transport network. This network operated by STDE (Société des transports de Dunkerque et extensions), belonging to the TRANSDEV group, is made up of 162 buses, 98 of which are BIOGNV and 3 are electric. Making transport more attractive is the bet of the Urban Community of Dunkirk, which has chosen to make its public transport network completely free since 2018 and to ensure visibility through its very colorful buses.

The Urban Community of Dunkirk is actively working to transform its fleet of vehicles into a zero-emission fleet. The Dunkirk territory relies on the development of the hydrogen sector necessary for the decarbonization of its port industrial zone, the strategy of which is based on the production of a very large volume of hydrogen intended to replace fossil fuels and the reuse of CO2. residual captured. The hydrogen produced will also benefit heavy mobility with, in particular, these 10 hydrogen buses which will join the fleet of the urban area’s public transport network.

Thus, these 10 HYCITY®, the purchase of which is partly financed by ADEME within the framework of the AAP Territorial Ecosystems H2 of 2021, will circulate on the Dunkirk network during the year 2024. The market is supplemented by a full vehicle maintenance contract over 3 years, then by a shared maintenance contract allowing a progressive and accompanied transfer of technical expertise.

“ It is a source of great pride to have won this new contract, which reinforces the company’s strategic choice to switch to generation 2, with HYCITY®. Our teamwork is rewarded with this announcement, and we will be keen to see these 10 vehicles running on the Dunkirk network next year. Said Eric Baleviez, Chief Commercial Officer, when Dunkirk’s decision was announced.

The new generation of hydrogen buses from SAFRA

The HYCITY® vehicle chosen by Dunkirk is the new generation of hydrogen buses that SAFRA designs and manufactures. Benefiting from the feedback from its predecessor, Businova H2, in operation since 2018 and present on several French networks.

It is the only hydrogen bus manufactured in France, and also the only one to integrate a French fuel cell, developed and marketed by Symbio, a joint venture between Michelin and Faurecia.

The HYCITY® traction chain is made up of 6 type 4 Plastic Omnium tanks, with a total capacity of 35kg of hydrogen; a fuel cell with a power of 45kW (useful power 30kW); an NMC battery with a power of 30 kW, a capacity of 130 kWh and finally a motorized axle with two motors of 125 kW each. This vehicle is full hydrogen, since all of the energy used to drive the vehicle comes from hydrogen and therefore does not need to be recharged at the depot in the evening.


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